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15-Year-Old Designer Shines in Minna Fashion Show

15-year-old Daniella Mathew shines in Minna Fashion show

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Justina Asishana
Justina Asishana
Justina Asishana is a Nigerian from Edo state. She is a data and investigative journalist who also fact-checks. She covers health, agriculture, education and governance

NIGERIA. Minna, Niger State: 15-year-old Daniella Mathew was among the six graduates of the Mega House of Fashion Academy who launched their fashion line during the second edition of the Minna Fashion Show.

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Daniella who spoke to Transcontinental Times in Minna after her fashion line was launched, said she aims to change the world and her society with fashion. 

The clothes Daniella designed earned her a standing ovation when displayed by models during the show.

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Daniella explained that she went into fashion to materialize her passion for fashion and to bring change to society and the world alike, that fashion is a way to express one’s unique creativity.

Breaking age barriers

Daniella called on her mates to break the limitations set upon them by society, adding that there is a need for people of her age group to start preparing themselves for the future and the opportunities it has for them. 

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She added, “People of my age group have this limit that has been set upon us by society, which implies that we have to reach a certain age before we achieve or do certain things. We need to break that thinking because there is more for us to do, and we have to start preparing ourselves for the opportunities of the future. I encourage my age group to rise, let us break the limit together,” she said. 

Daniella who trained for six months at the Mega House of Fashion Academy said she has always been a lover of fashion and wants to be a professional fashion designer. 

Minna Fashion Show aims to spotlight creativity

The Minna Fashion Show was organized by the Mega House of Fashion to showcase designs made by the students trained in its Fashion Academy. 

Speaking with Transcontinental Times after the fashion show, the Creative Director of the Mega House of Fashion and the organizer of the Minna Fashion Show, Elizabeth Ezekiel explained that the show was organized to unleash the creativity of the people in the state. 

“I went into the Minna Fashion Show to show people that there is more to fashion than just a skirt and blouse that the people are used to. I wanted to let the people in the state see that there is no limit of creativity.

“The environment can cage creativity of people, and we want to break that.”

The Minna Fashion Show had an array of traditional, formal, informal, and bridal wears which were showcased by male and female models on the runway. 

She expressed happiness in graduating students who trained under her tutelage saying they have utilized their knowledge judiciously, expressing optimism that they would make their impact in the creative and fashion world.

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