Sunday, November 28, 2021

Frontline Workers In UAE Gain Access To Trial Vaccine For COVID-19

Authorities make the decision amid favorable phase three trial results

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Smita Malwe
Smita Malwe
Communication enthusiast, public relations professional and an avid writer. Former Senior Account Manager at SPAG.

United Arab Emirates. Dubai. In a recent move, the UAE government allowed frontline workers to have access to a trial COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use. The decision made by authorities is a measure to help safeguard healthcare professionals working closely with infected patients, who are putting their lives at risk.

According to Health Minister Mr. Al Owais, the government is committed to protecting their first line of defense from any potential danger by providing required safety measures. The inactivated vaccine will be made available on a limited basis initially. This comes as a significant step forward in the efforts to protect lives.

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Mr. Abdulrahman Al Owais added that the emergency use of the vaccine by front line workers is completely in sync with their laws and regulations.

Vaccine Trials Under Way

The World Health Organisation-recognised trial began in July 2020. The UAE is working in agreement with technology company Group 42 and was chosen for phase three trials. The inactivated virus vaccine has already cleared the first two phases of these trials. Successful clinical trials are run at a clinic in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. The final stages of phase three trials showed that the vaccine is effective and resulted in a strong generation of antibodies to the virus. The analysis of results from the third phase are currently ongoing.

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There were 786 new cases of Coronavirus reported in the country on Thursday. At present, there are 661 recoveries reported by the authorities. The nation has conducted nearly 8.4 million tests since the beginning of the global pandemic.

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The UAE has been actively enforcing strict laws to contain the spread of COVID-19. In the wake of spiking coronavirus cases, the authorities have revised the list of violations and fines. People can be fined up to DH 50,000 for violating safety protocols.


  • Smita Malwe

    Communication enthusiast, public relations professional and an avid writer. Former Senior Account Manager at SPAG.

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