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The Worst Flood Sinks Cagayan Valley

The worst flood in Cagayan Valley after 40 years has sunk several municipalities

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PHILIPPINES. Cagayan Valley: The Cagayan Valley sinks in the worst flood after four decades. Typhoon Vamco (Ulysses) caused floodwater to rise, forcing people to get onto their roofs. 

The worst flood has sunk several areas in Cagayan Valley. These affected areas are Lal-lo, Isabela, Tuguegarao, among others. The flooding has also cut communications, electricity, and obstructed road access.

Aerial view of houses sunk in floodwater in Lal-lo, Cagayan / Photo Credit: Paul Vicente
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People in social media have called out for the rescue of their relatives and friends in Cagayan Valley. However, due to the restrictions imposed because of COVID-19, media and press coverage of the area are restricted. Nevertheless, Governor Manuel Mamba denied the existing of such restrictions in the worst flood of Cagayan.

The situation in Lal-lo

Floodwaters subside in Lal-lo of Cagayan from the typhoon while drenching Marikina City in thick mud. However, people still need help in the affected area, the worst flood in Cagayan after 40 years. Despite the limitations, The Philippine Coast Guard and other agencies continue their rescue attempts.

Buildings and houses flooded in Lal-lo, Cagayan / Photo Credit: Paul Vicente
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Cagayan River’s water level subsides which has given more access for rescue attempts.

In an interview with Transcontinental Times, Paul Vicente of Lal-lo, who is in Cagayan, shared the latest situation on the ground on 16 Nov. 2020. Vicente said, “We are okay now. Lal-lo rescuers busy assisting us even before the worst flood. But, many of the evacuees returned to their homes. Also, I help the Local Government Unit (LGU) receive relief goods from private sectors.”

Unpassable road in Reina Mercedes, Isabela / Photo Credit: Roxanne Zoe Ramboyong Gallo

Not over yet for Isabela province

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The flooding has not only left chaos and destruction in the area, but it has even left people without homes with water levels that have reached the roofs of houses.

Parent’s house submerged under floodwater / Photo Credit: Roxanne Zoe Ramboyong Gallo

Although the lack of communication makes it difficult for a real-time update of the situation in Isabela, Transcontinental Times got an update in Isabela province on 16 Nov.

Roxanne Zoe Ramboyong Gallo, a resident of Naguilan Municipality, talked about her experience in Isabela. She said, “The worst flood ever. The roads are unpassable. Also, the cellular signal is difficult. Yet, we don’t see any LGU in the area.”

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