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Blessings In Disguise

Mother Nature has a lot of amazing wonders to make humans happy and even her extremities are blessings in disguise.

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Pradeep Chamaria
I am a photojournalist. Love to travel to unknown and unexplored vistas. Since 1992, I make places desirable for other travelers through experiential Travel Writing.

INDIA. Delhi: Mother Nature has an amazing collection of wonders for humans. She has her own ways to make humans happy and even the natural extremities are blessings in disguise.

Flowering, an obvious or unobvious natural process is one such wonder. Flowers come in various shapes and colors. A few flowers may look like a reptile or an animal. A few may come in the shape of a deadly Cobra snake ready to attack or a Bird of Paradise in all its resplendent beauty. As nature mixes with imagination all these images come real.

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Everything depends on the weather though. Flowering plants are very sensitive to erratic temperature changes. Climate change can have a severe impact on plants and also on their pollinators. This eventually may cause the seed production of the plant to decrease and impair reproduction in the future.

Photo Credits: Pradeep Chamaria

Flowers in Delhi

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Climate has been quite unpredictable in Delhi during this winter season with uneven temperatures, that according to many associated with gardening in the city is a blessing. Lower pollution levels due to lockdowns in the past couple of months have also proved to be a mixed blessing for flower lovers. Gardens in Delhi are full of exotic blooms all over.  Caretakers of Delhi’s several parks, roadside green patches, and roundabouts were worried, as January was awfully cold this year and that inhibited the growth of flowering plants. But, the warmth of February has helped various varieties attain full bloom, and it’s a riot of colours everywhere.

Not many people are venturing out because of the ongoing pandemic panic, and this also has helped the flowering plants exhibit their best. A small number of office goers, shoppers, or travelers who are going out with proper social distancing and face masks are all delighted to see an amazing kaleidoscopic display of a vast variety of flowers.

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Various flowers are catching the people’s attention and they include – Marigolds in various hybrids and colours, Carnations in purple and pink, Dahlias, Nasturtiums, Pansies, Antirrhinums, Dianthus, and many others.

Of course, a few species of flowering plants, like Petunia, Salvia, etc. that cannot withstand variation in temperature, are still to bloom in their full glory. Some more species like the Hyacinth, Iris, Lilies, are also getting ready to burst into colour in a few day’s time and make Delhi’s ambiance look like a rainbow.

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