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Volcano Erupts On La Palma Island In Spain

A volcano erupted in Montaña Rajada, in the municipality of El Paso in Spain, 5000 people evacuated as of now

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SPAIN. La Palma Island: Today at 15:12 (local time), a volcano erupted in Montaña Rajada, in the municipality of El Paso. Previous to the big explosion, a small earthquake occurred in the Las Manchas neighborhood of the La Palma municipality of El Paso. The magma caused two fissures in the mountain through which lava flows. At this moment there are seven fissures, according to Involcan (Volcanology Institute of the Canary Islands). Although the volcano has appeared in an uninhabited mountain area causing small local fires, currently the magma has reached houses in the El Paraíso.

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So far there are 5000 people evacuated, and the consequences of the smoke cloud and pyroclasts suggest that they will be up to 10,000. Anticipating the advance of the lava tongue, the Civil Guard participates with more than 120 troops in the evacuation of the area of ​​Alcalá and El Paraíso and also in neighborhoods of El Paso, Los Llanos de Aridane, and Tazacorte. The Spanish Military Emergency Unit has also joined the emergency team on La Palma.

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After 8 days with thousands of microearthquakes, the experts warned that the eruption would be imminent. The Cumbre Vieja de La Palma is one of the most active volcanic complexes in the Canary Islands. Two of the last three eruptions recorded on the islands have taken place here, the San Juan volcano (1949) and the Teneguía (1971).


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