Egyptian Boy Is Already A Master Of His Craft

Adam Mustafa Siina's presence on the stage is that of an established artist

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Sahra Ardah
Sahra Ardah
International artist, art director and producer. She has a PhD in History of Art (2009), and Journalism Master Honors (2009-2011).

EGYPT. Cairo. At only eleven years old, but Adam Mustafa Siina’s presence on the stage is that of an established artist. Considered a master on international forums, Adam is recognized as a skilled turner of tanoura, the spiritual dance of Turkish origin that dazzles tourists on the festive nights of Cairo.

His passion began at three years of age. He watched his father spin hundreds of times as he balanced tambourines in his hands and lifted a heavy colored skirt skyward. “My father is my source of inspiration,” he says. “I love to dance tanoura by his side”.

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Starting to dance was the natural consequence of a funny game with his father that required a lot of perseverance and passion. Tanoura dance is also a meditation in movement and a way of reaching God, according to Sufism. This is how Adam explains it: “When I dance, I feel like I’m flying, and I felt nothing around me.”

Adam’s wide experience on stage. The difficulty of this art is clear: turning requires balance and both physical and mental strength. Rehearsal is essential for a perfect presentation and that is what Adam’s wide experience on stage gave him. “I remember once I was on stage and there was a problem when I had to take off my skirt. My father noticed it and asked the DJ to continue playing the music until he solved the problem. After that, I remain very alert and prepare everything perfectly before my performance on stage.”

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Family support is most important to ensure that talent doesn’t fade away or that passion fades into just another job. “My parents encourage me to practice my hobbies, especially my father. He helps me when I’m training to do [everything] correctly,” Adam says.

Far from burning out, Adam continues to explore other artistic facets. He was four years old when he started playing the darbuka, the famous drum of the Arab orchestra, showing the same masterful skill as his dancing. Said El Artist, considered the best player in the world, is his teacher and mentor. Along with Artist, Adam has had important concerts in Egypt. At this moment, Adam focuses his attention on this instrument, revealing that he plans to launch an online training course in the coming months.

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As an example of determination and perseverance, Adam’s urges others: “Love what you do, put all your feelings and you will become a star.”

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