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Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Mobile Phone Access Empowers Women to Make Better Decisions, Reveals A New Study

UNITED STATES. Women residing in the developing the countries of Sub Saharan Africa and Asia are less exposed to mobile phones, but access empowers...

12 Jyotirlingas – The Heavenly Sanctuaries of Lord Shiva

A Jyotirlinga literally means Radiant sign (phallus symbol) of almighty Mahadev and is a devotional representation of the lord Shiva.

Indian Film Critic Murtaza Ali Khan Bestowed With Shri Krishna Gopal Richhariya Memorial Journalism Award

INDIA. Konch. Indian film critic Murtaza Ali Khan has been bestowed with the prestigious Shri Krishna Gopal Richhariya Memorial Journalism Award for the year...

Hindi Channels Assume That Hindi-Speakers Are Only Interested In News From The Hindi Belt: Arfa Khanum Sherwani

INDIA. TMR Dispatches is a new fortnightly series in the lead-up to the September main event, with an overarching theme of "NEWS" – North, East, West...

Bollywood in a bind due to new social distancing regulations

INDIA. Mumbai, Maharashtra. Production activities in Bollywood have been at a standstill for the last two months due to coronavirus concerns. Based in Mumbai...

The Platform Will Continue Working Also After We Will Be Back To Normality: Andrea Baldi

INDIA. New Delhi. The Italian Embassy Cultural Centre has launched a new online platform where the Cultural Centre will share all the online events which it is...

Containing COVID-19 in Densely Populated Pols in Gujarat, India

Tradition is at loggerheads with the ongoing pandemic as residents of the densely populated heritage Pols in India’s western state of Gujarat grapple with the restrictions imposed to contain the spread.

The Media Rumble (TMR), Hosted By Newslaundry And Teamwork Arts, To Be Back In A New Avatar This Year

INDIA. New Delhi. The Media Rumble (TMR), the annual news and media forum, hosted by Newslaundry and Teamwork Arts, will be back this year in a new avatar...

Mussoorie, Kissing The Feet Of The Himalayas

INDIA - The mighty Himalayas can be seen from different destinations. One such destination happens to be Mussoorie. A small hill station in...

Symbol of the Pride of Bengal: The Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge is the first thing that you notice once you de-board from your train at the Howrah station

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