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Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Rare Himalayan Flowers Blooming Amid Pandemic Pollution Reduction

COVID-19 has shown positive effects on the flora of the Himalayas including the Brahma Kamal and other kamals of the Saussurea family.

Going The Distance: Rediscovering The World’s First Ultra-Marathon Runners

SOUTH AMERICA. Most people associate the origin of distance running with the Ancient Greeks, from whom we get the word marathon. Back in 490 BCE,...

A Tasty Dissertation On South Indian Food

INDIA. As part of morning rituals in South India, a traveler might have to savor masala dosa and filter Kaapee (coffee) daily in restaurants....

Whale Shark Rescue Off Gujarat Coast

Once extensively hunted, the whale shark is protected both under Indian laws and by the local fishermen of Gujarat.

Amazing Coral Reef At Mithapur

Mithapur beach area has a very rich and virgin coral life in the reef area and is accessible at low tides.

‘Mandir to Masjid’ – Heritage Walk In Old City Of Ahmedabad

The heritage walk through the walled city introduces the tourist to many heritage attractions in Ahmadabad, Gujarat

Malawi Plans To Open Embassy In Jerusalem

The country seeks to review its foreign policy

Historic Jewish Community Remembered Fondly By The Afghan People

AFGHANISTAN. Herat. Based on studies, The Jewish population in Herat was close to 40,000 as of 1836. The city was home to the largest...

A Boost To Air Connectivity To Remote Areas Of The Country

INDIA. Mumbai. The Union Civil Aviation Ministry introduced 78 new routes, which included nearly half of the routes for North East India, under the...

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