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Christine Horn Has Opened The Doors To Her Groundbreaking Course ‘Book More TV’ For Actors

Actress and Career Coach Christine Horn Transforms Actors through BOOK MORE TV

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UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. California. Book More TV is a 5-week online interactive course for actors who want to book starring roles in television consistently. Created by Actress and Career Coach Christine Horn, this revolutionary course promises to deliver game-changing strategies essential to the success of today’s working actor: Mindset Training, Acting Tips, Marketing Strategies, and Audition Techniques.

The Book More TV experience is exclusive to actors who are ready to take their career to extra heights. By the end of the course, participants will have the tools to figure out their “type,” how to show up to auditions with more confidence, how to market themselves to industry power players and submit self-tape auditions that stand out, how to master the camera and tackle tricky stage directions, a rinse & repeat process to analyze and break down scripts, and a step-by-step plan on how to stand out in an industry is over-saturated with aspiring actors.

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“The entertainment business shut down miraculously due to COVID-19. Acting studios can’t operate like they usually do. Broadway is shut down. I wanted to continue to serve my community during this trying time. My goal is to pass on everything I’ve learned about working in Hollywood to actors who may feel stuck about how to break into the medium of television. When production fully opens back up, I want us to be ready, not rusty.” says Christine.

“The Lion King” alumni, Christine Horn is known to many as “The Booking Magnet” and is also an accomplished film and television actress, a career coach for actors, and the author of “Playing Small: The Actor’s Guide To Becoming A Booking Magnet.” Inside her online show, Actors Daily Bread and her podcast The Hollywood Bound Actor, Christine reveals how she transitioned from Broadway to TV and cracked the code to become a working actor. With over 20 years of experience and 60+ Film/TV credits, you’ve seen Christine in “The Good Doctor,” “Terminator: Dark Fate,” “American Crime Story,” “The Affair,” “Timeless,” “Triple Frontier,” “Blackish” and “Complications” to name a few.

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