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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

ErosNow Original Set To Launch ‘SoulSathi’, A Short Film Starring Adah Sharma

'SoulSathi' starring Adah Sharma, Sehban Azim, and Vandana Pathak in lead roles is all set to premiere on 14th September 2020

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Murtaza Ali Khan
Murtaza Ali Khan
Executive Director of Transcontinental Times, Murtaza Ali Khan is a noted film critic and journalist. He can be reached at murtaza.jmi@gmail.com.

INDIA. Mumbai. Eros Now has announced a heart touching short film titled ‘SoulSathi’, which will stream on Eros Now from 14th September 2020.  Helmed by Preeti Rathi Gupta and directed by Abir Sengupta the short film, ensembles a stellar star cast with Adah Sharma, Sehban Azim, and Vandana Pathak in lead roles. The narrative will not only give you a sneak peek into the eternal love story of Preeti but depict a tale of her quest to find a perfect soulmate. 

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It is often said that “A soulmate is that person whose love is powerful enough to motivate you to meet your own soul, a person who sees an imperfect person perfectly, who indeed proves to be an ideal match.” While in today’s time women face a lot of challenges in their daily life and go through a tiresome interruptive journey to meet their ideal life partner, ‘SoulSathi’ narrates the story of Preeti who has been meeting multiple suitors for an arranged marriage at the nearby coffee shop. While Preeti strongly believes in finding an ideal match, she is on a mission to find a man who not only loves her physical appearance but her soul as well. 

What’s interesting to know is if Preeti will be able to find her soulmate or will destiny play a vital role in helping to complete her journey in finding her prince charming? This short film will surely strike a chord with viewers across age groups.

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Commenting on the original film, Ridhima Lulla, Chief Content Officer, Eros Now said, “I believe having a passionate, creative team, is what brings together an excellent narrative. Eros Now has always churned out the best of content for its audience and is often seen delving into righteous content across series and films. Eros Now Original brings forth a shor film named ‘SoulSathi’. This short film is a beautiful way of presenting a different perspective of perceiving a relationship”.

Adah Sharma said, “I truly believe that kahi na kahi koi na koi tumhaare liye bana hai… and its destiny that makes two soulmates meet. The character of Preeti in our short-film ‘SoulSathi’ is looking for her ideal match to spend her entire life with and I think every girl will relate to the film. Girls looking for Boys in the arranged marriage set up or those who have been on blind dates especially. The film is quirky, funny and will definitely strike your emotional chords and I am delighted to collaborate with Eros Now for this project and get a chance to play a character like this.”

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Sehban Azim said, “Throughout my life, I have always believed in the idea of love and soulmates and I believe destiny brings together two individuals who are to spend their life together. It’s an honor to work for such an exquisite storyline and I hope that the audience loves this film.”

Watch the trailer here

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