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Herat Girls Write A Letter To The International Community Appealing For Peace In Afghanistan

Yalda Arbabzada, one of the girls who wrote the letter said that she's hoping that the nation will finally see a "durable peace"

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AFGHANISTAN. Herat: Several girls wrote a 100-meter long letter to the International community in Herat appealing for peace and end of the long-lasting war in the country. The letter was written by a group of girls called “The Girls of Heaven Path” in a span of three months.

Yalda Arbabzada, one of the girls who wrote the letter said that she’s hoping that the nation will finally see a “durable peace”. She told Afghanistan Women’s News Agency, “We are tired of this uncertain future of our country.” 

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“We want the world to hear our peaceful voice, ” Arbabzada said. 

The girls said that the negotiation sides should hear their voice, and hold an immediate ceasefire. “The pain of people persuaded us to think about writing such a letter.”

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Fatema, another girl who wrote her thoughts and demands in the letter said that she wants to raise the voice of other women who suffer in the country. “Women are of the most vulnerable part of Afghanistan society, and the world must not ignore them in talks with the Taliban.”

The letter is written in the form of five articles that showcases stories of people. Asana, a female activist from Herat said, “The girls now make up a large portion of society, they must not be neglected.”

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“If anything that ignores or oppresses the women in a peace settlement, that’s not acceptable for us, and the world must know this.”

The girls call for other girls around Afghanistan to raise their voices. And other women should support and accompany them. 

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Shukria, a student of Kabul University said that she worries that the lives of all those who lost their lives in the Kabul University attack last year be lost. “We want peace, but not a deal.” 

A recent attack on Sayidul Shuhada Girls School killed at least 95 students. Many girls activists called on the international community not to ignore the rights of Afghan women and girls in the negotiations. 

The peace talks have been stalled for months now. Very recently, the Afghan delegation moved to Doha to resume a new round of talks with the Taliban. The Afghan government said it is ready to talk with the Taliban. 

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai said that the Afghans are distancing from the peace process due to the recent rage of violence. He suggested the peace talks be moved to Bamiyan, Afghanistan, a tourism location in the center of Afghanistan. 

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