Iran’s Trails In The Afghan War

Two months ago Farah border forces seized another cargo containing 70 packets of sugar-filled with explosives.

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Omid Sobhani
Omid Sobhani
I am Omid Sobhani, Journalism Undergraduate student at Herat University, Western Afghanistan. I love to cover social, political, entertainment stories from Afghanistan.

AFGHANISTAN. Herat: Naqibullah Fayiq, the governor of Faryab province in the north of Afghanistan told Ariana News Journalist that the Taliban are using Iranian-made sniper rifles. Iran-made weapons come from Haidar company, a weapon-making company in Iran, he confirmed. 

Taliban had used some of the weapons which are called the ‘family of Haidar’ in Qaisar war, which can penetrate the Afghan army tanks,” Fayiq said. 

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Also in the past Afghan officials informed the use of Iranian weapons in the southwest of Afghanistan, which Iran denied the claims. 

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Azizi Barez, an Afghan official also said, “Iran’s military assistance for Taliban has a long history and everyone knows that Iran, besides Russia is of the main military supporters of the Taliban.”

“It is not a new story, because our security forces have been discovering explosives packed in food materials transported from Iran from time to time.”

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Discovering a cargo of explosives in Farah province 

Very recently Afghan officials discovered a cargo full of explosives that had been transported from Iran to Farah province in western Afghanistan. 

Security Sources in Farah provinces reported on 20 January that a truck trailer contained explosives that came to Afghanistan from Iran, had been detected by the border forces of this province, and arrested one individual in connection with it. 

The explosives were embedded in the flours pockets. Officials in Farah said this is not the first time they recorded and detected the transferred explosives from Iran. 

Two months ago also Farah border forces seized another cargo containing 70 packets of sugar-filled with explosives. According to officials, the materials packed in the pockets were used as roadside bombs.  

The Iranian government has not yet reacted to the recently discovered explosives. Meanwhile, Afghan and foreign forces consistently accused Iran of supporting the Taliban, especially in the west of Afghanistan. 

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