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Journalist Tariq Ullah Reflects On Covering Development Stories About His Community

Through his work, Ullah focuses on showing the positive side of his land by covering development stories

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Ishita Chakraborty
Ishita Chakraborty
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PAKISTAN: Tariq Ullah is a broadcast journalist who is currently working at BBC Pashto. Hailing from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan Ullah started working as an internee reporter at a TV channel in Peshawar.

“I worked in a TV channel from Peshawar and worked for almost 2-years as an unpaid trainee. Later on, I applied for a freelance position at BBC Pashto and got selected where I still work,” Ullah said.

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Through his work, Ullah focuses on showing the positive side of his land by covering development stories. He mostly works on feature stories related to development issues and women empowerment.

“Living in a terrorism hit region, most of the journalists cover stories on terrorism, war, and destruction. I love to tell the world about the unsung heroes of the land. My stories are on the record and many of them have been followed by various national media outlets.”

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Ullah has contributed to various platforms like Dawn Eos, The Centrum Media (TCM), and Maati TV.

Importance of development journalism

Ullah believes that it is important to stop spreading myths about certain places and countries as it can lead to misleading information. He further added that development journalism can be an important aspect to solve the global issues around the world.
“Unknowingly, myths spread about other places, countries, and people that are new and far from others. If we try to show the beauty of the region and explore the place to the world through developmental journalism, half of the problems would be solved,” Ullah said.

The impact of digitization on journalism

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The rise of digital media has increased innovation across almost every sector, including mass media. Ullah said that since the traditional methods are fading away due to digitization, journalists are now facing new challenges to cope with the new trends.

“The media is being digitized, we are now seeing quality content on different media outlets. All those traditional methods are fading away and the journalists are facing new challenges to cope with the new trends of journalism.”

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Ullah emphasized that a journalist should be unbiased all the time. Adding to this, he said, “Don’t get yourself into controversies, cover stories, and let the world know and decide in any way they want.”

Giving a message to the aspiring journalists, Ullah said, “I would love to tell the young journalists not to lose hope as these are difficult times in the media industry of Pakistan. Time will come where everyone would be enjoying his due right to cover stories and earning handsome pay. Just not lose hope and go on.”

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