My Father: My Role Model

Father's Day is the right time to convey a child's unconditional love and emotions to their fathers.

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Priya sharma
Priya sharma
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INDIA. New Delhi. Every Year Father’ Day is celebrated on the Third Sunday of June all around the world. The day is dedicated to recognize and appreciate the devoted, compassionate man you call your superhero, benefactor, your inspiration, and your role model. Yes, the day is here to celebrate the bond between fathers and their children.

Parents love is perpetual, where no return to the love received from parents is. Nevertheless, for those who can’t express their feelings, this rare occasion is the right time to convey their unconditional love and emotions to them.

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Here we connected with a few people who believe their fathers are the silent heroes and role models in their lives, who have encouraged them professionally.

The Chef’s Duo

From Left Chef Ashok K Sharma & Chef Kunal Sharma
From Left Chef Ashok K Sharma & Chef Kunal Sharma
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Mr Ashok Kumar Sharma, Senior Sous Chef at The All America Diner

Chef Ashok is one of the most courteous people. His conspicuous passion for cooking led him to work for more than three decades in the hospitality industry. He has a tremendous wealth of knowledge about continental food and culinary traditions.

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Kunal Sharma, Commi 1 at Metropolitan Hotel expressed, “From a very young age Chef Kunal has started enjoying good food and the art of cooking. “I remember my earliest memories of cooking with my father when I was 7 or 8 years old. He taught me the art of living as well as the art of cooking. Growing up with a chef made me realize that I will also pursue my career in the food industry”

My father played an important role in helping me at every stage of my life. I am fortunate enough to have some great mentors but my father is my role model,” he further added.

The Designers

Dr M.M Kariappa & Mr Nishank Kariappa
Dr M.M Kariappa & Mr Nishank Kariappa

Vogue Institute of Art and Design was one of the first institutes in India, founded by Dr M.M Kariappa with an aim to enhance art and design education in India. He always wanted to make Art and Design courses accessible to all who had a passion for art, fashion, interior design, animation and more.

His son and daughter both have been inspired and take him as a strong role model. His son, Mr Nishank Kariappa, got into the field of jewelry design in the year 2003 when jewelry design courses were very few. He was encouraged by his father, and he pursued his master’s degree in Thailand at the Gemology Institute of America. He worked abroad for about 6 years in the field of design, production, and marketing. Now it’s been nearly a decade that he has worked with his father at their institute as General Manager.

The Entrepreneurs 

Mr Vikram Gour & Dr Devesh Gour
Mr Vikram Gour & Dr Devesh Gour

Genetic researcher, scientist, innovator, Ayurveda specialist, and natural wellness coach are some of the words that define Dr Devesh Gour. He was truly one of a kind, and he lived his life with the sense that all problems, no matter how large, always had a scientific solution.

As his research started to bear results, and he started to control his various chronic problems, the most interesting phase of his life came. As he became more well-known, his sons joined. With his guidance, they have helped thousands of diabetics, hypertensive, anemics, calcium-deficient patients, and many others manage their chronic illnesses with easy to consume natural foods. They continued to grow under the brand Ayura Origins and the legacy of Dr Gour.

Mr Vikram Gour said “As his sons, we have been guided, taught, tested, and pushed to a sense of excellence where we work to make and deliver products that change people’s lives. This is the legacy that our scientist father has given to us, and the legacy that we will memorialize him with on this Father’s Day. Thank you, Dad, for giving us this amazing gift!”

The Doctors

Dr. K.K. Narani (father), Dr. Mayank Narani (son),
From left Dr. K.K. Narani & Dr. Mayank Narani

Dr Mayank Narani “I did my graduation from KMC, Mangalore followed by post-graduation in general surgery. Right now I’m pursuing MCH Neurosurgery at Amrita Hospital, Kochi. My father, 66, is a professor and senior consultant in the department of Anaesthesia at SGRH, Delhi. He has been enthusiastically involved in patient care from the last 30 years of his life. His love for teaching and his subject is unparalleled. He completed his post-graduation in Anaesthesia from Safdarjung Hospital. My father has always been a role model for me. His selfless attitude towards the care of patients has been an inspiration. His encouragement for me to achieve further excellence in my field of interest has kept me driven to pursue my dreams.”

Happy Father’s Day to all the super fathers!

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