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Myassar: Teens Create An Anonymous Safe Space For Indian Youth To Share Experiences Of Discrimination

In a country where mental illness and personal sufferings are often kept a secret, teenagers now have an online place to express themselves

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Kritika Sodhi
Kritika Sodhi
I am a second year student studying in University of Leeds, UK. I love writing articles, researching on controversial topics and giving voice to silent thoughts.

INDIA. New Delhi. On 22 June, six teenagers from across India started Mayassar (meaning “available”), a volunteer organization to address homophobia, sexual harassment, mental illness, and police brutality.

Feelings of Isolation due to COVID-19 lead teenagers to create an online safe space for other teens to share challenges

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Due to lock-down across India, they began their platform on Instagram and LinkedIn. In the initial stage, they asked people to confess their unheard stories anonymously. In an interview with Transcontinental Times, the Founder, Riya Aggarwal, spoke about how at times people just need an ear to listen to them, which is why Mayassar was created. Confessions are posted anonymously, which gives those who feel alone and silenced a place to share their experiences.

Volunteers have realized just how many people there are who do not feel safe in their homes, schools, workplace, and even in their places of worship.

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Many contributors who offered their confessions commented on how mental health is often ignored in India, and Mayassar is contributing their part to bring awareness to sensitive issues that so many feel they cannot share openly.

Future collaborations will help Mayassar connect with more youth

In the future, Mayassar will collaborate with various non-profit organizations to help reach more people. During the interview they quoted Mother Teresa, “We are not social workers. We are contemplatives in the heart of the world.”

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Mayassar does not work for an income but for a positive outcome.

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