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Normal Beings Touching Hearts

At the heart of Nakuru is the exemplary effort of a normal human engaging in doing normal things, especially Civil Society Organizations

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Moses Rabachi
Moses Rabachi
Professional Journalist from Kenya with expertise in print media, online media, and photojournalism. With extensive knowledge in Customer relations

The world is changing at a speed no one anticipated where almost every human is focusing on the issues affecting them.

In a bid to address the basic needs of the girl and boy, several civil societies in the region are doing tremendous work in this area.

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These civil society organizations led by Ann Mwithaga Foundation, Midrift Hurinet among others are putting a smile on their people’s faces.

Through the provision of sanitary towels, the organisations have lined up mechanisms in ensuring young mothers and teens do not get affected by their menstrual cycle.

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Majority of teens living in informal settlements of Nakuru are greatly affected by COVID -19 hence making it harder to afford the sanitary pads leave alone food.

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With extra knowledge on mental health, Gender Based Violence and referral mechanisms, the teens are equipped and ready to face the life’s reality surrounding them.

In Kenya, the girls are not only affected by inadequate pads supply but also the knowledge around it.

Teen girls are greatly affected during school-going days hence easily swayed to indulge in dreams thwarting activities to raise money for pads.

What Civil Societies are Doing

Mwithaga and the civil societies are going across the county to ensure no child drops out of school as a result of lacking this essential service.

Motivated by the love of giving back to society, Mwithaga is using her little sphere of influence to put a smile on the faces of the generation behind her.

The future of a country is determined through the productivity of its youths.

Ensuring no child drops out of school as a result of inadequate pads is an extra mile of such achievement towards a productive nation.

As the clock ticks, Mwithaga hopes the long problem the country has grappled with all these years will be a thing of the past.

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