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Positive Well-being: Doing Right By Yourself

Well-being could be described as your relationship with yourself and how you feel about what you make of your life

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Well-being is not the mere absence of disease or illness and is neither just existing. It is the balance of an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and relationship health. Our relationship with these aspects is what makes happiness and life satisfaction. In short, well-being could be described as how you feel about yourself and what you make of your life. It cannot be exaggerated enough that positive well-being should be one of our priorities throughout the journey called life.

In the current pandemic situation of COVID-19, our working life and personal life has evidently become indistinguishable. Apart from work, we’re involved in lots of different things at once only to find ourselves tired and drained in the end. It cannot be denied that such a lifestyle pattern is here to stay, so the one way out is to adapt by looking out for ourselves.

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By taking the following initiatives, we can take the first steps towards achieving positive well-being:

Ups and downs in life are bound to happen, but it is you who will always stick by you, so just being kind to yourself in those moments, encouraging the efforts, rather than criticizing yourself can bring a big change in our mood and emotions. Start treating yourself the way you would treat a friend in the same situation.

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Eating right, drinking enough water and following a healthy sleep routine cannot be stressed enough. As basic as they sound, compromising on them can have adverse effects on your life.

Being physically active means that your mind is also active. Exercising not only enhances physical health but is a mood-buster and gives you the space to unwind emotionally as well. So, give your mind the peace it needs and your body the adrenaline rush with an activity you enjoy the most. 

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Being mentally productive also comes from building on your already existing skills or learning new ones. This simultaneously boosts your growth mindset. So pick your skills, small and big ones, and construct brick by brick. Unleash your creativity. Creativity increases your confidence and helps you love yourself a little more.

Charity can instil a sense of gratitude and help you feel better. One of the simplest ways to instil a sense of gratitude and fulfilment is by giving back to society. And charity begins from home, so start by beginning to help around the house, assist your family. This will also help develop healthy relationships with your family. You can also get involved with a community project, charity work, or simply help out someone you know. As they say, there is no joy like giving to others.

No matter how hectic your life is, allow yourself to chill out and relax. The Italians describe this as dolce far niente – the art of doing nothing. Do some relaxation, skincare, movies and stress-relieving therapies or you could just sit by the window, take a walk and breathe.

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