Rohan Solomon Brings The Christmas Cheer With Bindu Subramaniam In A Special Collab

After an eventful 2020 with three well-acclaimed singles, Rohan Solomon is signing off for the year with a lovely, feel-good rendition of a revered Christmas Carol

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Murtaza Ali Khan
Murtaza Ali Khan
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INDIA: The Delhi-based power balladeer’s love for pop-choruses has been as well known as his reputation of being a ‘conscious songwriter’. After an eventful 2020 with three well-acclaimed singles, Rohan Solomon is signing off for the year with a lovely, feel-good rendition of a revered Christmas Carol-Rudolph… (you know the rest), where he’s seen collaborating with a dear friend & fellow singer-songwriter Bindu Subramanium (Bangalore-based singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, author and music educator; daughter of the the violin virtuoso Dr. L Subramanium). 

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Rohan Solomon is a Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Vocal Coach and Audio Engineer, all rolled into one. After winning accolades for Keep Holding On, his first single of 2020 that was inspired by the Coronavirus lockdown-led social isolation, Rohan released Victoria’s Secret in June, that took the story ahead from (the plot of his last single) the initial stages of anxiety and fear to introspection. Both his early 2020 releases received excellent reviews from the press as well as the audience. Victoria’s Secret in fact is continuing to rise in popularity months after its release and recently secured the number 2 spot on the World Indie Music Charts.

His old and new fans received a surprise from Rohan and his former Cyanide bandmates in September when he decided to digitally re-release their 2011 debut album titled Sugarcoated

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Rohan’s third release of the year, Without A Trace is a pensive power ballad that carries Rohan’s signature feel while marking a noticeable departure from his usual fare. The broody number begins with solo vocals and acoustic guitar, that are midway engulfed with warm and very contagious sounds of a small symphony orchestra (from New York, USA). The arrangement and composition act as a balm to the despair echoing through the lyrics, where the protagonist is wondering what his journey amounts to so far. 

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