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Simerjeet Singh: World-renowned Motivational Speaker And Growth Catalyst

Mr. Singh traverses the path of self-realization, actualizing his noble goals and making a social impact the way he had always desired to.

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Dominic Kirui
Dominic Kirui
Dominic Kirui is a freelance journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya covering climate change, food security, culture, conflict, health, gender, and global development.

INDIA: In his early life Simerjeet Singh, spent nine years in five countries and innumerable awakening life experiences in the global hotel industry, that summed up a pre-transformation journey before he decided to pivot on his life path of self-discovery in response to his true calling in 2007.

Over 300 organizations across the globe, including large corporations, not for profit organizations, universities, schools, and industry associations, have engaged Mr. Singh as a keynote speaker on various mandates including improving leadership potential, goal creation, team dynamics, realizing one’s true potential, organizational value percolation, living with authenticity, embracing change and personal growth.  

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Armed with life experiences, supplemented by academic qualifications, including a degree in Hotel Management, credentials as Certified NLP Practitioner and Personal Performance Coach, key leadership programs from IIM Lucknow and IIM Ahmedabad, Mr. Singh traverses the path of self-realization, actualizing his noble goals and making a social impact the way he had always desired to.

Positive impact

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Mr. Singh calls life, despite all its trials and tribulations, a beautiful gift full of endless possibilities – and the most important global issue that he highlights is that of depression and lack of self-belief.

“The web of mental darkness engulfs millions across the world and these are individuals who could be saved with professional help. Mindset coaches and counselors can be of great help in bringing light into their world to create a positive impact”, he says. 

Future of coaching

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Mr. Singh foresees a great future for mindset coaching – considering the advent of futuristic technologies like artificial intelligence, robust connectedness, Internet of devices, and the like.

“Despite all these inventions at the fingertips with in-depth manuals for the smallest of devices to life-sized robots, man fails to understand the constructs of the mind, one of the most powerful instruments of divine creation, often taking it for granted and neglecting it”, Mr. Singh says.

He continues to point out that the world needs more mindset coaches, in fact, incubated into the early school course curricula, with self-awareness, mindfulness, and meditation being taught as elementary subjects. And that this change has to start early when one can be best molded.

Domestic violence

Mr. Singh also points out that most people around the world are now suffering from domestic violence, and that the figures we see reported are nothing compared to those that are not brought to the public limelight.

“Domestic violence is another global issue that affects so many – the numbers that are published do not include cases that never see the light of the day – until a tragedy happens”, he says.

Peaceful human beings, he also says, will resort to peaceful ways to resolve their disagreements. In most cases, lack of self-love, guilt, childhood anger, hurt inner child are factors that manifest into domestic violence.

Mindset coaches can play a significant role in helping individuals attain a resolution of childhood trauma, learn empathy towards self and others; while accepting self-healing, thereby, reducing the number of domestic violence incidents. 

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