Containing COVID-19 in Densely Populated Pols in Gujarat, India

Tradition is at loggerheads with the ongoing pandemic as residents of the densely populated heritage Pols in India’s western state of Gujarat grapple with the restrictions imposed to contain the spread.

The Traveler’s Pandemic

COVID-19 will certainly mean trying times ahead on the Travel Industry

Cameroon: President Paul Biya Supports Private Education With 6.5 Billion FCFA

As a measure to keep private institutions safe and relieve teachers of private institutions in the country who has been for months without salary...

COVID-19: Not New. New Normal?

Pandemics are not rare as they were never fully eradicated. The world must learn to live with them.

65% of The Cameroonian Population Witness A Drop In Their Income Due To COVID-19

Cameroon - The coronavirus pandemic has not only led to a change in the lifestyle of Cameroonians. The virus is also affecting their revenues...

Why An ‘Overflow’ of Bad News Less Helps Good Governance

Kenya - The year has been rough, We can all agree on that. Kenya isn't as different as the rest of the world with...

India’s Fight Against Corona Enters Decisive Phase

The pandemic has already taken away hundreds of thousands of lives and affected millions around the world and is now spreading like a forest...

Mismanagement In Bangladesh Leads To Increased Death Toll Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Bangladesh, Chittagong - When people all across the world are suffering amid the Coronavirus pandemic, people in Bangladesh have become victims of cruelty. The patients...

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