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Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Emmanuel Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron And PM Narendra Modi Vows To ‘Act Jointly’ In Indo-Pacific Region

INDIA: French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Narendra Modi vowed to “act jointly” in the Indo-Pacific region on Tuesday amid France’s fallout with...

Vaccination Centres In France Ransacked Over Tougher Coronavirus Rules

France has seen several acts of violence and vandalism against lawmakers who supported the new vaccination rules. Photo Credit: Twitter

Multiple Shootings In Vienna ‘Terror Attack’ Killed Two And Injured Several

AUSTRIA. Vienna: Unidentified gunmen opened fire on people in Vienna and left at least two persons dead and 15 wounded on Monday. The attack...

Protests Erupt Across Afghanistan After French Prime Minister’s Condemnation Of Islamic Linked Beheadings In France

AFGHANISTAN. Herat. Rallies held in Herat, Kabul, Takhar, and Kunduz city against Emmanuel Macron erupt today in response to the French Prime Minister's condemnation...

Macron Warns About Crisis In Islam; Taliban Reacts

AFGHANISTAN. Herat: In the wake of the beheading of a French teacher for showing a cartoon of The Prophet Muhammad, French President Emmanuel Macron...

Arab Countries Boycott French Products After Macron’s Islam Comments

FRANCE. Several Arab nations have announced a complete boycott of French products. The protests come days after French President Emmanuel Macron made comments on Islam....

Spain And France Exceed One Million COVID-19 Cases

SPAIN. Spain and France have surpassed one million COVID-19 cases this week. Many European countries are still battling with the COVID-19 outbreak. According to...

European Countries Continue To Battle Against The COVID-19 Pandemic

EUROPE. European countries have recorded a significant increase in COVID-19 cases from the last few months. Countries like Spain and Ukraine are highly affected...

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