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Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Positive Well-being: Doing Right By Yourself

Invest some time of your day finding your expertise and start building upon it, start working upon learning a skill that you always wanted to acquire or take a hobby that excites you most. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Parosmia, A Lingering Symptom Of COVID-19 That Causes Phantom Odors

If you have long recovered from COVID-19, but everything yet smells foul, you are not alone! Photo Credit: Pixabay

Breaking The Chains Of Monogamy: Polyamory In The Modern Era

PHILIPPINES/UNITED STATES: In the past decade, nearly 30 media projects from film to anime have included characters who are involved in intimate relationships with more...

Love & OM: The Journey To Self Through Relationship: (Part II) Love and Belonging

Jewish psychologist Abraham Maslow wrote about love as a higher stage in human consciousness, which can be achieved only after lower levels are fulfilled....

Love & OM: The Journey To Self Through Relationship: Part 1: Basic Needs

In 1943, the psychologist Abraham Maslow developed a hierarchy to understand what motivates human behavior. From his idea emerged one of the most well-known...

Love & OM: Living Together During COVID

Strangers fall in love; lovers become estranged “I met him 4 months ago, before we ended up in lockdown, and my god I hated him....

Love & OM: Loneliness During COVID-19

Welcome to our weekly column Transcontinental Times is venturing into new territory with this piece. We are beginning a cutting-edge column that will be published...

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