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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Nigerian Government Commences ICT Training Programme For School Pupils

NIGERIA. Abuja: The Federal Government of Nigeria has launched a training camp for students of ages 8 to 11 in various aspects of Information...

CoWin Global Conclave

INDIA. Delhi: The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi today addressed the CoWin Global Conclave as India offered CoWIN platform as a digital public good...

Analyticalways CEO, Amancio Junior, On The Future Of Technology

SPAIN.Madrid: Analyticalways CEO, Amancio Junior, has advised modern-day entrepreneurs that entrepreneurship must adapt to the new rules of the market, being able to change...

5G Technology And Spread Of COVID-19

INDIA. Delhi: It has come to the notice of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Ministry of Communications that several misleading messages are being circulated...

‘Learn – Unlearn – Learn – Repeat,’ Is Ram’s Mantra

Ram's typical day involves a 5 km run, followed by catching up on emails and getting into problem solving mode by attending and contributing in numerous customer and internal discussions. Photo Credit: Ramachandran Sundararaman

The PHASMA: A Soundproof Mask, Because Playing In Silence Is No Fun

SPAIN: The co-founders of the startup Metadox SL Andres Belles, a mechanical engineer with a passion for video games, and project manager Carles Tarazona...

Meet Echo and Bifrost – FB Undersea Cables Connecting Southeast-Asia

Facebook undersea cables project with Google connecting Southeast-Asian countries of Indonesia and Singapore with America.

Deepfakes – A Threat To Global Politics

INDIA: Deepfakes, or the doctoring of videos and images have been begun to spread its roots across all corners of the world. In general...

Philippine Technological School Wins Prestigious International Award

PHILIPPINES. Makati: The technological school iAcademy was awarded the Most Innovative Education Provider honor. It is the only educational institution in the Philippines to...

Ambitious 17 Year Old Builds Robotic Dogs To Help People

KENYA. Nakuru. David Lawrence is not your average teenage boy. At only 17 years old, the young man has created five robotic...

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