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‘Take Care Good Night’: Cyber Crime Thriller On Amazon Prime Is An Eye-opener For Society

The film looks into the mind of a criminal who puts an entire family and their social status at stake.

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Nilesh Chogle
Nilesh Chogle
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INDIA. Mumbai, Maharashtra. Cyber-crime intrigues everyone, and if one can find a movie based on such incidents, it becomes worth watching. The thriller, ‘Take Care Good Night,’ which was released in 2018 on mega screen and was rated 7.4/10 on IMDb, is now trending on Amazon Prime.

The film revolves around the life of an employee who took voluntary retirement (VRS) from his company. It is cast in the Metro region and features veterans, Abhay Mahajan, Sachin Khedekar, Mahesh Manjrekar primarily dealing with cyber-crimes(Hacking, for stealing) and its ramifications due to changes in society.

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There is a visible change in the generations over the years. Parents see this quite distinctly in the behavioral dynamics of modern children but are helpless in view of peer pressure on their child and the growing incidences of child abuse and manipulation by antisocial elements of society.

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The cast has it that Avinash Pathak (veteran actor, Sachin Khedekar) and his wife Aasavari (Iravati Harshe) have a college-going daughter Sanika (Parna Pethe) studying and staying with them, while, their son Sameer (Abhay Mahajan), is studying and staying abroad. Avinash works in a gearbox manufacturing company. He had joined as a supervisor, but now with sheer dint of hard work becomes a production manager.

The company recently has introduced software for designing called CATIA, consequently, the production department would dissolve and the company would want him to switch over to the designing department.

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Avinash is averse to computers and cannot even send his emails properly. He gets afraid and eventually takes a VRS package. He decides to invest his VRS money in safe havens, the bank, and live life peacefully with his family. He also thinks that he can embark on a consultancy service as he’s a diploma engineer and his wife Asavari is also working as a child counselor.

Fate has it that he decides to take a break and he and his wife Aasavari take a tour of Europe, leaving their college-going daughter behind. Unfortunately, his bank account is hacked, by stealing his user name and password and a large amount of his VRS money, which was still lying in the bank’s savings account gets pilfered in stages thereby looting him off to the tune of Rupees 50 lakhs.

When he returns he is disturbed as his mobile becomes dysfunctional. It is revealed that his daughter invited a male internet chatting friend into their house and had physical intimacy with him. The man turns out to be a hacker, who succeeds in making and releasing a scandalous video on the internet.

The film looks into the mind of a criminal who puts an entire family and their social status at stake. Veteran actor Mahesh Manjrekar, (Inspector Pawar) of the Police cybercrime cell comes to Avinash’s rescue and to nab the criminal.

Initially, when Avinash and his friend Mohan (Vidyadhar Joshi) reach the police station to lodge a complaint of online banking fraud, Inspector Pawar tells them that there are several cases pending on the internet frauds. Hence, the mystery and money recovery cannot be guaranteed soon.

What happens next is a melodramatic turn of events and brings a thrill to the viewers as every element in trapping the hacker, step by step with the cooperation of all the people from Avinash’s family while the police demystify the crime.

This film is based on a true story, which fits well in the current context. It tries to delve into the generation gap matrix. There is no song in the film, making it more compelling and absorbing.

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