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Taliban Are Led By Special Units Of The Pakistan Army: Amrullah Saleh

Saleh believes that the Taliban system is divided into three segments and the first segment is led by the special units of the Pakistan army

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Omid Sobhani
Omid Sobhani
I am Omid Sobhani, Journalism Undergraduate student at Herat University, Western Afghanistan. I love to cover social, political, entertainment stories from Afghanistan.

AFGHANISTAN. Kabul: The First Vice President of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh wrote on his Facebook page, ” If the Taliban capture more territories, still they can not rule the country.”

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Saleh believes that the Taliban system is divided into three segments and the first segment is led by the special units of the Pakistan army.

Saleh noted that the foreign troops’ withdrawal created an immediate vacuum but the government forces have discipline.

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“From the perspective of the organization, the strength of the enemy is divided into three parts; The first part is trained forces that are directly guided by Peshawar – Quetta and elsewhere. Connections and Google Maps have made work easy, ” Saleh wrote.

“The second part of the local components that work under the name of the military commission, these people also do not play a role except for embezzlement and imposing a party over the people. The third part of the recruited and recent summoned that do not to have any morals.”

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Saleh has always criticized Pakistan for backing and sheltering the Taliban. But the Pakistani officials repeatedly denied the claims.

“Madrasa Taliban in Pakistan is receiving mortal remains of fighters Taliban. Peshawar Shura of Talibs has felt more pain recently as it screams loud in the streets. Still, Islamabad denies being the country behind the massacre of Afg. Highest bar of lies & denial, ” Saleh said in a recent tweet.

Following the recent advance by the Taliban in capturing nearly 200 districts, former director of Afghanistan National Directorate of Security Rahmatullah Nabil said, “Taliban shadow governor for Kandahar Haji Yusuf aka Wafa is preparing/planning for a big fight as per the orders of top Taliban leaders in coordination with Pakistan Army in coming months. Their strategy is; when Taliban will push in southern Afghanistan while/if holding & consolidating in North.”

“Although I have doubt they may succeed, they will be defeated, just they will cause further death, destruction, and displacement, ” Nabil said.

Meanwhile, amid the fall of districts and clashes between Afghan forces and Taliban in several districts, Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai said that the Taliban will gain nothing by taking over districts.

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He called on Afghans to have faith in themselves, remain in the country, and free themselves from fear.

Speaking in his office on Tuesday, he called on the Taliban to stop the violence and make efforts for peace.

“You will soon witness meaningful negotiations on peace,” he said, asking the government and the Taliban to expedite their efforts for peace.

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