Work Of A Village Humanitarian Receives National And International Attention

Engineer who returned to small village to start a school receives much needed support after gaining international attention

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Nilesh Chogle
Nilesh Chogle
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INDIA. Tumsar, Maharashtra. As a result of a story first covered by Transcontinental Times, the efforts of a former engineer turned humanitarian went viral throughout India and reached the United States as well.

Jay More started a small school in Dawezari that has grown to provide primary education for many in the community. Jay was interviewed by several local newspapers, chief among them were e-Sakal on 10 July 2020 and Lokmat on 13 July 2020. Jay told Transcontinental Times in a follow-up interview that several newspapers contacted him to learn more about his project, and then national television news channels reached out as well. “[This] motivates me to do better work for the community, and I will continue my selfless service, which is in the right direction,” he said.

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Overwhelmed by the kind of coverage and accolades he received from these news platforms, Jay told Transcontinental Times, “I feel that my efforts have fructified, and this is a momentous occasion for me. The hard work which began from the hut with small baby steps to educate the children without any expectation has been recognized.”

Jay continued, “I’d never dreamed how my life would change. I am working ceaselessly to get students out of the comfort zones of their small huts, to make them future competent adults who’d get government jobs.”

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Jay said, “People who used to call me names, now come running to greet me and aid in my work. As the news spread, the villagers were amazed at this sudden shift of recognition abroad for my selfless hard work. They showered their blessing and wishes on me, and whoever passes by today, stops and talks with heartfelt praises. Even the Gram Panchayat came to my rescue,” he said “Elders along with villagers greeting me with promises that they are all behind me now. They were astonished and felt happy that the name of their village has reached abroad.”

International donations

Expats who had been educated in Tumsar but are now settled in the US, have offered Jay a grant to continue the efforts of the school. On 25 July 2020, another grant in the form of books was given.

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