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World Nutella Day: The Sweetest Day Of The Year

Created by an American blogger in 2007, World Nutella Day is a way for fans to share ideas, pictures and recipes, and celebrate the most famous hazelnut spread in the world.

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Teresa Marvulli
Teresa Marvulli
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UNITED KINGDOM. London: February 5th might be the sweetest day of the year as Ferrero celebrates the World Nutella Day.

The World Nutella Day’s Twitter account wrote earlier today: “Happy World Nutella Day! Do you know how to celebrate it? Whatever you’ll do, share your love with all the Nutella lovers around the world.  Discover more about​ #worldnutelladay on http://nutelladay.com.”

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The idea for the Word Nutella Day came from American blogger Sara Rosso.

Ms Rosso launched the initiative in 2007, as a way to celebrate the most famous chocolate hazelnut spread in the world.

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It was a special occasion for Nutella’s fans to share pictures, ideas and recipes. The perfect moment to declare their love for Nutella.

Since 2015 Ferrero has taken over the World Nutella Day and on 5th February it shares, with all the Nutella’s fans, recipes ideas and suggestions on how to be creative using Nutella.

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On the official World Nutella Day website, Ferrero has shared “10 ways to celebrate” and these include some simple things, such as having breakfast in bed with Nutella, to more creative ideas like creating some Nutella inspired art or writing a song or a poem about Nutella.

Obviously, everything needs to be shared on social media with the hashtag #WorldNutellaDay.

From Nutelladay.com

From Giandujot to Nutella: the evolution

Pietro Ferrero, the father of Nutella, was the owner of a bakery in an Italian town well-known for the production of hazelnuts.

After WWII cocoa was hard to find, so Mr Ferrero invented a sweet creamy spread with hazelnuts, sugar and just a tiny bit of cacao. It was a play on gianduja, a similar paste invented around 1800.

Sadly, Pietro died of art attack in 1949, at the age of 51 and his son Giovanni took over.

The first version of this new creation, called “Giandujot nocciolato” had the shape of a chocolate block that could be cut and spread on the bread.

In 1951 Ferrero come up with a new creamy version that was easier to spread and didn’t required to be cut from a block. It was called “Supercreama”.

Finally, in 1964, after revisiting the original recipe and improving it, Ferrero created the first jar of a new product called Nutella.

From 1965 Nutella started to be exported outside Italy: from Germany to France passing from Australia.

More than 50 years after the first jag, Nutella has sold in more than 160 countries, and Ferrero makes 365,000 tons of Nutella per year.

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