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World Peace Through Laughter

Cancherla has been active in yoga and laughter sessions since his corporate days

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Nilesh Chogle
Nilesh Chogle
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INDIA. Mumbai: Ramgopal Cancherla is a retired General Manager, (Sales-marketing & Supply Chain) professional of a reputed Healthcare MNC who is now leading the world towards happiness through his regular laughter and yoga classes. He has worked his way up the corporate ladder from the field to become a regional manager, in different parts of the country.

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Cancherla has been active in yoga and laughter sessions since his corporate days. He is also a Certified ERP coordinator(SAP) and holds a degree in B.Sc.(Chemistry) and MBA (Retail Mgt. Specialist in spirituality and healthcare).

A scene from the laughter session. Photo Credit: Ramgopal‘s Facebook

He also has associations with the BrahmaKumari’s World Spiritual University. Cancherla also holds corporate seminars in which he demonstrates his resourcefulness for laughter and yoga for spreading happiness to the world.

Ramgopal’s sharings about ‘what is in our control and what’s outside’. Photo Credit: Facebook
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When it comes to training, he emphasizes the importance of devoting more time to the things mentioned in the inner circle. “This is my responsibility towards the community,” he said.

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The World Laughter day. Photo Credit: Ramgopal Cancherla

Yoga coupled with laughter sessions

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Talking to Transcontinental Times about the laughter sessions he said, ” I’ve been conducting many workshops for the community from my corporate days. I love to spread happiness galore since the world today is craving for getting the happiness quotient, since I find that each one is running after something or another and people appear to be generally stressed.”

Cancherla is also working for the welfare of the homeless and underprivileged people of the society. Along with this, he also helps people belonging to elderly homes and believes in using laughter as a holistic approach.

Cancherla also interacts with people with online laughter yoga clubs. Recently, he collaborated with Global-Laughter Yoga Wellness Clubs through Zoom.

Opportunities in the simple things of life

Cancherla has brought significant results in improving the lives of people around him. He actively participates and conducts online laughter sessions. “People wait to plan their retirement and to pursue their passion; instead I began at 55 years my retirement planning process and carved out this venture of the laughter sessions, which I undertake regularly. People have lost simple aspects of life. The ability to be childlike and spread immense joy, thereby releasing endorphins (the happy hormones) for self and the community that I interact with,” he said.

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