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Yoga On Varkala Beach

If you are serious then you can perform yoga asana anywhere, even on a beach during a vacation.

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Pradeep Chamaria
Pradeep Chamaria
I am a photojournalist. Love to travel to unknown and unexplored vistas. Since 1992, I make places desirable for other travelers through experiential Travel Writing.

INDIA. Varkala, Kerala: Yoga is very good for your health. It is the holistic science of health and wellness of body, mind, and soul. Yoga science helps  you to unite yourself with the divine and enjoy enhanced peace of mind. Yoga helps you maintain a fit body and feel joyous in the heart.

In the modern day’s busy and hectic schedules, healthy habits like yoga normally don’t get the attention they deserve.  But, if you are serious then you can perform yoga asana anywhere, even on a beach during a vacation. The idea is to fine-tune your bodies by doing sun salutes anytime during the day. This is very important for the millennial too to practice various relaxation techniques, such as meditation, padma (lotus) asana, etc. on a beach, like the shores of the Arabian Sea at Varkala, Kerala. It certainly is going to be a new experience in an environment that seems as if it was designed for meditation… Yoga on the beach is just perfect.

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Yoga on a beach allows you to Meditate in the sun

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The background sound of the sea instead of pre-recorded music in a studio is a perfect setting for your usual yoga routine and is an ultimate meditation experience. You can meditate on the fine sand of the beach as you absorb the sun’s energy early in the morning, or in the late afternoon, avoiding the beach rush, and be in harmony with nature.

Why Varkala

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As you start planning for a wellness vacation, the first task is to select your destination. It may seem simple, but choosing between all the inspiring landscapes of Kerala coasts can be difficult. You have so many options, from Kochi to Thiruvananthapuram to Varkala and many others. Each of these beaches is a paradise to practice yoga. You can try out various asanas at Varkala, which is a less frequented beach in the state.

Man practicing yoga – Padma-asana on the beach, Photo Credits: Pradeep Chamaria

Enjoy your Yoga vacation with exotic seafood experience

Varkala is a seafood paradise too. Whether you are here to spend a luxury vacation, or to polish your yoga skills, don’t forget to indulge in some exquisite taste experiences. While during your early morning yoga sessions, buy the fresh catch from the seas and have it cooked in authentic Kerala healthy style, or relish at some of the seafront boulevard restaurants serving authentic Keralite seafood while enjoying the cool sea breeze.

In search of healthy mind, body and tasty food at Varkala, Photo Credits: Pradeep Chamaria

Don’t worry about overeating as you can always practice extra asana the next morning.

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