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Thamel – The Most Picturesque Place In Kathmandu

Thamel is the center of the tourist industry in Kathmandu, and is one of the most picturesque places in Kathmandu, Nepal

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NEPAL. Kathmandu: The beautiful Himalayan town of Kathmandu, Nepal is the easiest and most comfortable place to get in as flights from all over India come here. For an Indian tourist, visiting Nepal is like traveling through India only. As soon as you come out of the airport or bus stand, there are familiar scenes that are witnessed at most of the places in Delhi.In the city, Thamel is the center of the tourist industry in Kathmandu, and loads of choices for accommodation are available.

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Thamel is one of the most picturesque places in Kathmandu, Nepal. The first all Wi-Fi zone of Nepal, Thamel has been the center of interest right since the Hippie days of the early 70’s when many of these self-claimed artists used to frequent Nepal in search of low budget housing, peace, Nirvana, and drugs. They used to spend weeks in Thamel and at times settle down here. Even today Thamel is heaven for low-budget travelers. It surely is a hot-spot for tourism which gives a boost to the Nepalese tourism industry.

Tibetan artifacts at Thamel, Photo Credits: Pradeep Chamaria

Narrow alleys are crowded with many souvenir shops and street vendors selling colourful artifacts that attract a lot of European tourists. You can find shops catering to everything, namely food, fresh vegetables/fruits, pastries, trekking gear, walking gear, music, DVDs, handicrafts, souvenirs, woolens, and clothes. The most important and things for interest for a tourist, the offices of Travel agencies, budget hotels and restaurants also line the streets. One often encounters cars, cycle rickshaws, two-wheelers, and taxis that navigate through the narrow streets.

Thamel, Photo Credits: Pradeep Chamaria
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Thamel is a haven for tourists coming to the city from western countries too. Located in the northern region of Kathmandu past the government district on Tridevi Marg, it gets overcrowded in the evenings and nights. Just a 20-minute taxi drive from Tribhuvan International Airport brings one into an area of wonders. A Kaleidoscope full of vibrant colours opens up as on enters into the fascinating streets.

Rickshaw at Thamel, Photo Credits: Pradeep Chamaria

Shoppers Paradise

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For an avid shopper, Thamel is the shopping Mecca in Nepal. There are lots of shops selling varieties of stuff, everything from glass pipes to Tibetan Singing Bowls. Just like the shops in other Asian countries, a lot of haggling is required to shop anything at the right place.

Shopping at Thamel, Photo Credits: Pradeep Chamaria

Kathmandu is normally an entry base for most of the travelers who come here for treks and mountaineering. And Thamel again is a kind of pre-base camp for them. Wide range of mountaineering gear shops, foreign money exchange booths, mobile phone shops, along with the numerous travel agents are readily available here.


For a tourist as well as a traveler, there are dozens of hotels in Thamel. There are dormitories, boutique hotels, high-end hotels; all of them equipped with modern-day amenities like WIFI, TVs, etc

What does a tourist need the most in a tourist destination? Yes, it’s the local food, or more simply local street food. And that’s available in plenty here at Thamel.  You can get every type of food here, traditional and continental cuisine.

Dal bhat Tarkari, Photo Credits: Pradeep Chamaria

Most of the hotels here have restaurants of their own. Again just like the hotel tariffs, you can get low-cost food and also the expensive stuff. It’s best to eat out at a place which is full of locals, this helps in meeting local people and also talk to them about life and explore other hidden attractions in the city.

Nightlife in Thamel

Night Life at Thamel, Photo Credits: Pradeep Chamaria

For the tourist who comes to Nepal for having fun and get high on drinks and drugs, Thamel is the best bet too. There are bars everywhere in Thamel. You can stick to your favourite brands or be adventurous to try out the locally brewed beers like the Everest or the Gorkha brands. For hard liquor one can try Kukri Rum and other similar brands. The best part is that you can buy liquor without an ID at any food store, and these stores are everywhere in Thamel.

Night Life at Thamel, Photo Credits: Pradeep Chamaria

Nightlife also is on the most sought-after list of every traveler. After a hard day’s work, everyone wants to chill out, and Thamel has expertise in this. There are many nightclubs that open after dark and normally after 10 PM, they are all jammed.

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