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Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Law and Order

CDD – 13,241 Nigerians Killed Since 2011 by the Security Operatives

The security operatives who are supposed to protect the lives and properties of the country are the ones involved in the extrajudicial killings | Photo Credit: Twitter

Animal Rights: French Government Adopts a Progressive Animal Abuse Law

FRANCE: Recently, the French Senate adopted the conclusions of the joint committee on the proposed law aimed at combating animal abuse and strengthening the...

Maharashtra – Fishermen Condemn New Coastal Fishing Regulations

A scenario around the Versova coast in Andheri, northwest Mumbai | Photo credit: Raju Vernekar

1,440 Nigerian School Children Abducted, 25 Schools Attacked in 2021: UNICEF

NIGERIA: Around 1,440 school children were kidnapped and abducted in Nigeria in 2021. United Nations Children’s Educational Fund (UNICEF) revealed that along with this...

Banditry: Niger State Government Bans Sale of Motorcycles across State

NIGERIA. Niger State: Governor Abubakar Sani Bello of Niger State has banned the sale of motorcycles across the state. In a press release through...

Rescue of 17 Victims, Arrest of 12 Kidnappers and a Human Trafficker in Niger

NIGERIA. Niger: The Niger state police authority issued a press release on November 10 in which they state they have arrested 12 suspected kidnappers and...

Eleven Covid Patients Died in a Fire at an Ahmednagar District Hospital

INDIA. Mumbai: On November 6, Saturday, 11 Covid-19 patients died and six were injured in a fire that broke out in an intensive care unit...

Nigerian Union of Teachers Says Nearly 800 School Teachers Kidnapped or Killed

NIGERIA. Abuja: The President of the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT), Dr. Nasir Idris, said on a press conference this weekend that approximately 800...

Infanticide of a Repeat Offender in Spain Exposes the Revisable Permanent Imprisonment

SPAIN. La Rioja. Lardero: A repeat offender murdered a 9-year-old boy in Lardero on Halloween. Apparently, he chose the victim thinking that he was...

Criminal Proceedings Brought against Swiss Walliserkanne Restaurant Owners in Zermatt

Switzerland. Zermatt: On Sunday, October 31, 2021, the Valais Cantonal Police, in collaboration with the Public Prosecutor's Office, arrested three restaurant operators who did...

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