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Sierra Nevada Nature Reserve – Spain

Sierra Nevada Nature Reserve meaning a mountain range covered in snow is in the southeast of Granada in Spain.,and extends to the eastern edge of Almería

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SPAIN. Sierra Nevada Nature Reserve: Spain is a popular destination for nature holidays as well as adventure, educational, and business trips. Its natural reserves are major tourist attractions, along with impressive architecture and art galleries, beaches, and many other destinations. Tourists from all over the world choose Spain as their favourite travel destination.  Sierra Nevada Nature Reserve meaning a mountain range covered in snow, a mountain range in the region of Andalucia in the southeast of Granada and extends to the eastern edge of Almería, is one of the main attractions.

Declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1986, set in the central part of the Penibética mountain range, the Sierra Nevada massif is the largest Iberian mountain area and is also known as the Sierra del Sol, or sunlit mountains. It is the best place to see the most valued flora in Europe. Over 1,700 different species, 64 of which are endemic flora are found here.

Sierra Nevada Nature Reserve, Photo Credits: Twitter
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The Sierra Nevada has a contrasting relief, with gentle slopes in some areas and steep cliffs in others. Home to the highest peaks on the Iberian peninsula: the Mulhacén (3,482 m) and the Veleta (3,392 m), the park is full of exotic plants like holm oak groves, chestnuts, Pyrenean oak, pine groves, etc. Over 20 species of butterflies and numerous species of small birds, including the Spanish ibex are residents of the park.

Sierra Nevada Nature Reserve, Photo Credits: Twitter

Nature is spread over an area of over 850 square km and is the largest natural park. The climate is mostly the continental Mediterranean, and it is home to Europe’s most southerly ski resort. Various activities that a tourist can indulge in include skiing, trekking, mountaineering, and mountain biking.

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Granada, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada massif, is also worth a visit, particularly for its historic Albaicín quarter, the Generalife gardens, and the Alhambra palace, all of them having a World Heritage tag.

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