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3 Horror Movies That Promises Spine-chilling Experience and Insane Shock-value

These horror movie are must-watch on weekends for a decent scary dose

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INDIA: There are various films that managed to entertain the masses with the uniqueness of their storylines. However, amongst all the movie genres, horror featurettes hold a special place in the hearts of cinephiles.

With the experience of wearing the blankets of anxious shrieks and vibing into the dark suspense, most people choose horror over rom-com. May it be Hollywood or Bollywood, the level of excitement amongst people for the specific horror genre is insane.

3 must-watch horror movies for a total unique experience

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13B: Fear Has a New Address (2009)

Photo Credit: Instagram/reliance.entertainment

The R. Madhavan and Neetu Chandra-starring bilingual movie revolves around a mysterious apartment that is newly bought by the protagonists. The Vikram Kumar directed movie holds a strong grip on suspense, forcing its consciousness on the audience and making them stick to their chairs.

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Madhavan, who is known for portraying romantic roles on screen, broke the mold and proved his versatility by playing a serious character. The movie revolves around a TV show, “Yavarum Nalam.” The soap opera reflects what is happening in Manohar’s personal life. The show used to display all unnatural things related to Manohar’s life and gradually show the future of his family.

A totally unique take on horror genre triggers an eeriness from its cinematography and especially the background score, which doubles the shock value of the film. A must watch for its story representation and scary setbacks.

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404 (2011)

Photo Credit: Instagram/indian_cinematic_magic

404 is an underatted psychological thriller movie from Bollywood, which only few have heard of. The Prawaal Raman directed film stars Imaad Shah, Nishikant Kamat (known for directing Drishyam), Rajvvir Aroraa, Tisca Chopra, and Satish Kaushik in pivotal roles.

The movie is based upon a college hostel’s Room 404, where a medical student named Gaurav committed suicide and paranormal delusions have begun since then.

The main story started when a medical college student, Abhimanyu Rajvvir Aroraa, was assigned to the same room, and he experienced illusions and negative energy in the atmosphere. Gradually, Rajvir started hallucinating about Gaurav.

The psychological feature is a slow burn horror which grips us with each scene. The mind-blowing climax forces us to debate whether ghosts or paranormal activities are real or just a delusion of our minds. Even today the end of the film holds one of the greatest twist any Bollywood horror movie could offer.

Bhoothakaalam (2022)

Photo Credit: Twitter/RevathiFC

Bhoothakaalam can be considered one of the most realistic horror film from Malayalam Cinema in 2022. For all the realistic approaches credits must be given to Rahul Sadasivan for his brilliant writing and direction.

On top of filmmakers phenomenal vision, Shane Nigam and Revathi’s performances make this feature a believable story haunting us to its fullest. Anwar Rasheed bankrolled the movie under the banner of Plan T Films.

A psychological movie that revolves around the lives of a mother and child. The film’s story showcases Vinu, who has completed his B.Pharm, staying with his mother and suffering from mental problems. His long-ailing grandmother dies due to age-related complications at the beginning of the film, which set the film’s key points in motion.

Paranormal activities depicted in the horror movie doesn’t involves any jump scare. The feature solely relies on its chilling atmosphere and depiction of ghosts in most realistic way possible.

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