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About Us

The Transcontinental Times (TCT) is a digital newspaper published by the media company Transcontinental Times S. L., established in Madrid, Spain. Independent, impartial, and deeply informed journalism is the oxygen that fuels our passion in service of the general society. We are covering topics around the world and telling stories that would otherwise be untold. As an international press house, Transcontinental Times is firmly committed to the public interest.

Executive Board


An Indian-Spanish writer, entrepreneur, and filmmaker, known for his award-winning short films and non-fiction books, Roshan Bhondekar founded the Transcontinental Times with his life partner Sahra Ardah in June 2020. Sahra Ardah (also known as Sara Canizal Sardon) is a Spanish art director, writer, and journalist. In the first 2 years, the company has experienced challenges proper to all start-ups with a similar focus. Since July 2022, Transcontinental Times has entered its second stage of development as a digital medium.

Sahra Ardah

SPAIN: Co-founder and CFO

Art director, writer, dance teacher, choreographer, and journalist, Sahra Ardah is TCT's co-founder and Chief Financial Officer.

Roshan Bhondekar

SPAIN: Founder and CEO

An Indian-Spanish writer, entrepreneur, and awarded filmmaker, Roshan Bhondekar is TCT's founder and Chief Executive Officer.

Nalin Singh

INDONESIA : Business Advisor, Partner

Nalin Singh is a published author, co-founder of Orbit Future Academy, CEO of Natio Cultus, and former CEO of a Fortune 500 company. A political analyst, startup financing expert, life coach, and business strategy coach, he is also a senior journalist and leads the Smart Entrepreneurship Decoded interview series.

Yogesh Bhondekar


Yogesh Bhondekar is a vetted business analyst focused on functional and technical disciplines. He is the Chief Technology Officer of TCT.

Leadership Team

The Transcontinental Times Leadership team is made up of seasoned professionals who executes the strategies and drive business. 

Niloy Chattaraj

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Niloy Chattaraj holds a postgraduate Diploma in Cosmology from CalTech and is a double gold medalist engineer. Niloy is the scientist who pointed out Hawking’s flaws in the Black Hole theory. Besides being in the advisory board, he is a senior journalist and creative director who covers social issues, science, and Indian history.

Tanya Yadav

Digital Business Head

Tanya holds postgraduate degree M.A. Politics in International Relations from JNU, postgraduate diploma in Radio and TV Journalism from Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) and bachelor's degree in Journalism from Delhi University. Tanya has previously worked with reputed national digital media house radio channels, and TV channels, as an anchor, and business head.

Editorial Board

The editorial board of the Transcontinental Times is currently undergoing training to fully assume roles in January 2022.

Ishita Chakraborty

Editor in Chief

Ishita Chakraborty covers social issues, UN initiatives, and diversity and acts as an Editor in Chief.

Asaweri Yadav

Deputy Editor in Chief

Asaweri Yadav covers cultural, political issues, and gender equality and acts as a Deputy Editor in Chief.

Dhruv Chakraborty


Dhruv Chakraborty files pieces on fitness, sports, nutrition and related stories, and acts as an editor.

Journalists and Regular Contributors

Journalists from around the world join the Transcontinental Times for different periods of time. Here are those who collaborate with us on a more regular basis. Remember that to confirm the media credentials, you must contact us.

Hamzat Ibrahim Abaga

NIGERIA: Journalist

Hamzat Ibrahim Abaga reports on investigative journalism, contemporary cultural issues and events.

Raju Vermekar

INDIA: Journalist

Raju Vermekar is a Mumbai-based journalist who have worked with many daily newspapers on versatile topics.

Khushant Runghe

INDIA: Journalist

Khushant Runghe covers the entertainment industry, notably movies, comics, graphic novels, and motion pictures.

Russell Chattaraj

INDIA: Reporter

Russell Chattaraj reports on science, technology and sports.

Mohammed Yakubu

NIGERIA: Journalist

Mohammed Yakubu reports on public health, human rights, climate change, education, and gender issues.

Bidisha Roy

INDIA: Journalist

Shalini Majumdar

INDIA: Reporter

Partha Pratim Ray

INDIA: Journalist

Partha Pratim Ray is an expert on corporate communication, branding, social media management and public relations.

Guest Journalists and Contributors

We accept guest writer submissions that align with our audience and editorial style. As we cannot list the 200+ people, we have just listed some of the contributors who have been the most active. Please note that guest writers do not generally have media clearance to access events on our behalf. Remember that to confirm the credentials of the media, you must contact us.

Avnika Saraf

INDIA: Journalist

Avnika Saraf is a former ACJ journalist. Currently, she covers politics, international relations, and crime.

Godfrey Maotcha

MALAWI: Journalist

Godfrey Maotcha worked for the local Guardian and the digital and print media company Montfort Media for six years.

Omid Sobhani


Omid Sobhani is a senior journalist at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the Transcontinental Times.

Justina Asishana

NIGERIA: Journalist

Justina Asishana is a data and investigative journalist. She covers health, agriculture, education, and governance.

Kefa Lemayian

KENYA: Journalist

Kefa Lemayian is a news anchor, print media writer, bilingual reporter and a voice over artist based in Kenya.

Tanbirul Miraj Ripon

BANGLADESH: Journalist

A correspondent on politics, human rights, and international relations, Tanbirul has interviewed 180+ political experts.

Priya Sharma

INDIA: Journalist

Priya Sharma is a freelance journalist who covers business, lifestyle, startups, and technology.

Smita Malwe

UAE: Journalist

Communication enthusiast, public relations professional and an avid writer. Former Senior Account Manager at SPAG.

Suman Bajpai

INDIA: Journalist

Suman Bajpai is a published author, writer, editor, travel journalist, translator and traveller who covers global destinations.

Suriya Shaji Pereira

UAE: Journalist

Suriya Shaji Pereira covers business development, entrepreneurship, and events in the United Arab Emirates.

Tafadzwa Mwanengureni

ZIMBABWE: Journalist

Tafadzwa Mwanengureni is a journalism student at the Harare Polytechnic with a major in print journalism.

Nilesh Chogle

INDIA: Journalist

Nilesh Chogle reports on the pharma industry, corporate culture, finance, foreign trade, procurement, and SCM.