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Anonymous Hackers Leak Personal Data Of 1,000 Police Officers In Belarus

Thousands of people defy police crackdown to protest in Belarus

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Ishita Chakraborty
Ishita Chakraborty
A computer engineer who has a passion for writing, a hodophile, social activist, youth activist for PETA India, and a linguaphile. A journalist covering Social issues & United Nations initiatives for transcontinental times.

BELARUS.Minsk. Protests have been going on in Minsk from a long time against Alexandar Lukashenko, the President of Belarus. Many citizens were arrested by the police for street demonstrations against the President.

As a result of that, anonymous hackers have now leaked personal information of 1,000 Belarusian police officers. The data was widely distributed in social media on Saturday. The government is now making every possible effort to find the culprits.

Street demonstrations by the citizens

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According to the reports, the government has planned to impose fine and punish the people who are responsible for leaking the data. Thousands of opposition supporters marched in the Belarusian capital, Minsk on Sunday. The protest came after officers detained hundreds of protesters at a woman’s march in the city.

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People were seen holding red and white protest flags at the “March of Justice” rally. In addition to that, they also held placards with slogans like “Cowards beat up women” and “Get out” written on them. The entire central avenue was covered with people. They were marching towards the heavily guarded “Palace of Independence”. Palace of Independence is a place where Lukashenko has his offices.

The security forces are giving all possible protection to Lukashenko. Lukashenko claimed a landslide victory in last month’s presidential election. However, the oppositions believe that everything was pre-planned and it was not okay to allow Lukashenko to have a sixth term as a president.

Citizens arrested during a protest rally

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The security forces have arrested thousands of people to tackle the protests and strikes. Police officers had their face concealed with masks and riot helmets. Some protestors have also tried to rip off the masks of the officers.
Around 390 women were arrested for taking part in an anti-government protest. However, the government has released most of the women.

Among the detained was one of the most famous faces of the protest movement, the 73-year-old activist, Nina Baginskaya. Although, she was later released by the police.

Lukashenko’s crackdown on protests has prompted the European Union (EU) to consider new sanctions to his government. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the leading opposition candidate could soon meet EU foreign ministers to talk about the situation in Belarus.

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