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Clueso: An Artist Who Promotes German

Surrounded by alpacas, Clueso shares his music while advocating for humanity

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GERMANY: Thomas Hübner, known as Clueso, is a German singer who, instead of switching to English to become more popular in the music industry, sings in German while promoting it.  

Early years and career choices

Clueso studied to become a hairdresser, but quit to become a singer. He initiated in the music industry with hip-hop, debuting at the age of sixteen.  He maintained a medium-profile during the next decade and made incursions in various genres besides hip-hop, such as reggae, rap, funk, jazz, rock, and pop.

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A change in path helps him become number one in Germany

Although Clueso enjoyed fame and even released an album, Stradtrandlichter which reached fame and high status in Germany, it was not until the release of Neuanfang that he and his music would become a new sensation.

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From that point, Clueso would only grow bigger. His fame and notoriety gained him a place in Spotify. Furthermore, his song Achterbahn has had more than 6 million views.

Clueso and his role in society

Clueso is an artist who is involved in various humanitarian movements. In one of his Instagram posts from 2018, the artist expressed his regret for having lost lots of followers after posting a picture in which he motivated people to donate to SOS Mediterranee, a European humanitarian organisation for the rescue of lives in the Mediterranean.

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The picture reads #SpendeMenschlichkeit, which means to donate for humanity.

His latest demonstration for humanity was his support for a movement called Alpacas Gegen Nazis, which means alpacas against fascism and racism. Following this idea, Deezer organized a private concert of Clueso with alpacas in Deezer in September 2020.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, his 2020 tour has been postponed for 2021. The artist wrote a message on his Facebook page and his newsletter that the tour would be moved for the following year.

The future of the German language

According to DW, there are around118 millions of people who speak German in 45 countries. What’s more, German is the official language of five European countries. This number is rather small in comparison to English or Spanish; however, there are currently 15 million people studying German worldwide, which proves German is not a language in decline.

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