Finding Solace Amid Pandemic Through Spiritual Readings

Happiness is the ultimate goal, then may it be through acquiring wealth, good health, harmonious relations, or almost anything, this encompasses success.

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Nilesh Chogle
Nilesh Chogle
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INDIA. NewDelhi: The spiritual master, an endocrinologist by profession, Dr Deepak Chopra, is a well-known personality, whom the world regards, as authentic, both from the spiritual and scientific point of view. A person whose writing style is so magnificent that one craves to read sentence after sentence of the celebrated writer.

During the lockdown, I reread two of his hardbound magnificent books on spiritualism. These spiritual books, have a profound message for humanity during good times, and not so good times. These books complement each other, as they teach wealth consciousness.

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In difficult times, a person needs solace and the ability to generate wealth with less effort.

Creating Affluence

Happiness is the ultimate goal, then may it be through acquiring wealth, good health, harmonious relations, or almost anything, this encompasses success.

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Dr Deepak Chopra has lent a formula to achieve what we so eagerly desire. His experience comes from the basic understanding of consciousness or the infinite intelligence, with which one must harmoniously live. Dr Chopra elaborates all of this in his later volume, enumerating The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success. They have their roots in his practice of transcendence and living a life in an unbound timeless zone.

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He calls this method, “Focusing on the gap between two thoughts,” which can be experienced in a silence zone or when the mind is still. One has to be clear about the goal or the desire which one wants to manifest in this universe, without, judgment. And, the universe will see to it that it is manifested in reality.

In Dr Chopras’s own words, “ It is important to have a clear goal in your awareness, but it is also important to relinquish your attachment to the goal. And the goal is in the gap, and the gap is the potentiality to organize and orchestrate the details required to affect any outcome.”

He summarized all this wisdom from A-to- Z, in quite a detail. Anyone desirous of getting a glimpse of his thoughts would need to read his books in totality and practice his wisdom.

The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success

A life-altering book, because these are the same principles, as Dr Chopra intones, in the book which nature uses to create everything in material existence. It is, therefore, a practical guide to fulfilling one’s dreams.

Dr Chopra says, “success is a continued expansion of happiness and the progressive realization of worthy goals.” With the knowledge and practice of spiritual laws, one can put themselves in harmony with nature and create with carefreeness, joy, and love.

In other words, the flow of abundance, wealth creation, and all good things in life that we so eagerly desire.

He says “Success does not mean wealth, that, of course, is necessary; however, it encompasses, good health, energy, enthusiasm, fulfilling relationships, creative freedom, emotional and psychological stability, a sense of well-being and above all, peace of mind.”

“Success is a journey and not a destination; coupled with nurturing the seeds of divinity within us.” He goes on to say, ” The spiritual laws that he talks about focused on: the unmanifest becoming the manifest; it’s the process by which the observer becomes the observed; the seer becomes the scenery; the dreamer manifests the dream.”

He goes on to explain the laws of “pure potentiality” (the field of energy), also called, the “law of unity”. “Underlying the infinite diversity of life is the unity of one all-pervasive spirit,” he says.

I would love the readers of this book, take a ride chapter by chapter, as Dr.Deepak Chopra unfolds the wisdom, one after another in quick succession, showing a way forward, e.g; How giving is also receiving, and vice versa. The cause and effect or the operation of the law of Karma, The law of least effort, The law of intention and desire, the law of detachment, The law of Dharma(Right spontaneous action), or the purpose of life. (all these are his chapters in the book).

It is a fascinating book that cannot be explained in few words. It has to be internalized and experienced in its vastness of design and approach.

Dr Chopra has given a solution of how one can use this book too: He says, “I have found it particularly fulfilling to concentrate on one law each day of the week, beginning on Sunday with the law of pure potentiality and concluding on Saturday with the Law of Dharma.”

He adds, “Having your attention on a spiritual law will completely transform your life, as it has mine, and if we collectively put our attention on the same law each day, we could soon reach a critical mass of successful people that could transform life on planet earth.”

I realised the truth in the wisdom he’s shared, having experienced how through meditating, as he has taught, made intended desires manifest quite effortlessly in objective reality. And this would apply to everyone who practices his wisdom.

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