‘Lost For Words’ Review: A Fascinating Short Exploring The Impact Of Lockdown On Relationships

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Murtaza Ali Khan
Murtaza Ali Khan
Executive Director of Transcontinental Times, Murtaza Ali Khan is an award-winning Film & TV critic and journalist. He can be reached at murtaza.jmi@gmail.com.

It wouldn’t be a hyperbole to say that some of the most creative work that’s happening around the world in the storytelling space is being realized through the medium of short films. A very unique short film that recently caught my attention is Lost for Words. It’s written, directed, and produced by British filmmaker Elcid Asaei who previously made the thought-provoking and visually striking short film Unskin, back in 2018, which set in an alternative London seamlessly blended the world of narrative cinema with contemporary dance. With Lost for Words, Elcid yet again follows a unique storytelling approach to explore exploring the changing dynamics between two lovers, Victoria and Nadia, meeting after three months and three days separated by the lockdown.

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Within a short runtime of 6 minutes, Elcid succeeds in creating an interesting universe oozing with magical realism and humour with a whimsical tone overlaying the short and crisp narrative. Interestingly, Elcid draws from his own experiences gathered during many visits to a local park where he would sit at one particular bench and watch the beautiful wild creatures of the park and the passersby. The outbreak of Coronavirus and the lockdown that followed has changed things drastically. It made us realize that things we often took for granted have their own purpose and value which we only realize when we get deprived of them. Though the characters of Victoria and Nadia, Elcid succeeds in telling a tale that’s both personal as well as universal.

COVID-19 has perhaps changed the world forever and we will only learn about the enormity of its impact in the due course of time. Meanwhile we are witnessing how different artists are interpreting its impact through various artistic mediums. As for cinematic storytellers, possibilities are enormous. Lost for Words is a fine example of how complex ideas involving the impact of lockdown on individuals, groups, and the world at large can be beautifully explored through intimate tales about personal relationships.  

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Watch ‘Lost for Words’ Here

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