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Luca: An Unforgettable Tale Of Friendship And Acceptance

The wholesomeness of the movie is captured by certain characters with a beautiful voice cast

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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INDIA: The sweetness of the world lives in Luca’s innocence. The colorful surrounding holds something unknown which act as a hindrance to his journey.

Luca focuses on the story of a curious little sea monster Luca (voiced by Jacob Trembla) in a small town along the Italian Riviera called Portorosso. He lives with his parents and grandmother far from the surface dwellers. He always wanted to explore the surface world and is enthralled by the sight of motorboats flowing across the sea. His Mother warned him to stay away from the horrors of the surface for his good. The curiosity, though, compelled him to go around the world with his friend Alberto (voiced by Jack Dylan Grazer).

A sweet and innocent tale of friendship

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The wholesomeness of the movie is captured by certain characters with a beautiful voice cast. Luca Paguro is terrified of the surface, yet he is also fascinated by it. He encounters Alberto, who Luca mistakenly believes is a human diver but is a marine monster just like him. Alberto Soriano, a 14-year-old sea monster with an uncontrolled excitement for the human world sparks Luca’s mind with silly shiny dreams.

Giulia Marcovaldo (voiced by Emma Berman) is a friendly and outgoing traveler who enjoys reading and learning. When Giulia tells him about astronomy and the universe, Luca becomes fascinated and wants to attend school with her. Luca’s mother, Daniela Paguro (voiced by Maya Rudolph), is a caring woman who is determined to keep her kid-safe.

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Lorenzo Paguro (voiced by Jim Gaffigan) is Luca’s well-intentioned, but occasionally preoccupied father, who is devoted to his hobby of growing prize-winning crabs. Ercole (voiced by Saverio Raimondo) is a narcissistic bully who believes he is the best person in Portorosso and uses bullying to gloat about his self-proclaimed accomplishments and exhibit his might. 

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The bond between Luca and Alberto is beautifully portrayed in this colorful animated movie. The dream sequences of Luca adds another layer of emotions to both characters. However, Daniela and Lorenzo Paguro could have been shown as strong parenthood narratives. But it fails to connect with the viewers. A scene could have been shown in the movie in which Luca would be troubled by the dangers of the surface world. At that moment he would regret what his mother warned about the horrors.

A perfect emotional relationship between a child and parents could have been established. Also, the outer world is full of danger, earlier mentioned by Daniela doesn’t fit her words. Only a few fishermen and certain statues portray the troubled world.

The tag name of Pixar Studio is enough to define the animation. Since the beginning of its 3-D animation era, the studio had mastered the representation of more than realistic visuals. This colorful and childish movie with the sweetness of innocence is not the best Pixar movie but a worthwhile one for family and friends.


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