‘No Time To Die’ Release Date Postponed Again

The Bond film which was scheduled to release on April 2 has been delayed for the third time

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Nilesh Chogle
Nilesh Chogle
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INDIA: The last installment of the James Bond series, “No Time To Die” starring Daniel Craig, is all set to release on October 8. The film which was scheduled to release on April 2 has been delayed for the third time.

The film would-be Daniel Craig’s last film as the British spy. Craig who’d shot to fame with the classic movie ‘Casino Royale’ has worked in four James Bond films. He led the Bond films in a different direction with his spectacular action sequences. Right from his first film, Craig carried a mighty image of Bond to his fans. 

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“No Time To Die” features a plea to rescue the operation of a scientist who’d been kidnapped by a mysterious villain. This film has already managed to grab eyeballs due to its seemingly catchy plot.

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Repeated delays, however, have caused anguish and despair among fans around the world. Interestingly, Craig has now become the longest-serving Bond. Craig’s last Bond film, ‘Spectre’ which was released in 2015 had garnered almost $900m worldwide. The latest scheduling shift for ‘No Time to Die’ may inspire rival studios to delay any movies still set for the first few months of the year       

The constant delay in the dates has been frustrating for many fans. However, they can pacify themselves with a vast array of opportunities to watch other spy movies on Netflix, until the vacuum created by the Bond film is out in 2021.

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