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Purple South Korean Islands Attract Tourists

The residents of the Banwol and Bakji islands decided to turn their towns lavender to boost tourism

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SOUTH KOREA: An island located off the southwestern coast of South Korea tint the land with the shade of lilac by the native bellflowers called Campanula. The residents of the island decided to drench the island with a tenuous shade of purple.

A bridge that is bathed in the same hue connects the two islands, Banwol and Bakji.

Bridge drenched in purple hue. Photo Credit: Twitter
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The residents of the Banwol and Bakji islands decided to turn their towns lavender to boost tourism. The residents have tinged the houses, bridges, phone boxes, roads, and benches into the blush of purple borrowed by the native balloon flowers. To make it more scenic, they have planted pastel purple flowers like lavender and asters. The government added 30,000 New England wildflowers, asters. Around 230,000 square feet of lavender fields were planted for the same cause.

Purple Islands of South Korea

Due to the new transformation of the two islands, they now are addressed as ‘The purple islands’ of South Korea.

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Since the official start of the campaign in 2019, the painting of the two islands attracted over 487,000 people. Additionally, Shinan country has invested around 4.8 billion won ($4.25 million) to paint the two islands. Moreover, more than 28,000 square meters of roofs are painted lilac.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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Around a hundred residents live in the small peaceful islands. The older residents have expressed the joy of watching younger people visit their tiny towns. Interestingly so, the restaurants in the towns serve food on purple plates with purple rice. On the benches, the phrase ‘I purple you’ is seen written which was first introduced by Kim Tae-Hyung, K-pop boy band BTS member.

Along with all other alluring and charismatic facts about the island, the place actually charges zero fees to tourists who visit wearing purple.


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