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Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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African Union

African Union Welcomed as Permanent G20 Member as Summit Kicks Off in New Delhi

INDIA. New Delhi: The G20 leaders have made a historic decision to grant permanent membership to the African Union during their annual summit in...

G20 Poised to Expand Membership to Include African Union: Reports

SOUTH AFRICA/INDIA: The African Union, a continental body with 55 member nations, is set to become a permanent member of the European Union, according to...

Results From Congo Elections Shows Incumbent Leading

CONGO. Brazzaville: Results from the Congo- Brazzaville presidential elections shows incumbent Denis Sassou Nguesso is leading with a wider margin A vote will add another...

Southern Africa Tops In COVID-19 Upsurge

ETHIOPIA. Addis Ababa: Southern Africa has the highest proportion of new cases of COVID-19 for the past four weeks, according to the African Union. In...

African Development Bank Appoints New Regional Managers

IVORY COAST. Abidjan: The African development bank (AfDB) has announced changes to its top management with the appointment of new director generals and their...

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