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Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Bill Gates And Melinda Gates To Part Ways After 27 Years Of Marriage

UNITED STATES: Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates and philanthropist Melinda Gates filed for a divorce on Monday after 27 years of marriage. However, the founders...

Belgian Woman Asked Surrender OCI Card After Divorce From Indian National

The woman in her petition says that she had received her Person of Indian Origin (POI) the card in 2006 and it was valid till August 2021, further, she had divorced her husband in 2011 which was communicated to the Indian embassy in Belgium in 2016. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Muslim Woman Defies Tradition and Rewrites Nikah Nama

As a law student, Zafar understood the weight of a contract, and she was adamant about making her nikah nama a reflection of her and her fiancé’s values rather than those of “a culture which asks you to bow down to the patriarchal norms.”

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