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Moto G73 to Launch on March 10 in India: Check Details inside

INDIA: Moto G73 5G, which will be released this year, may be Motorola India's second smartphone. The gadget was already introduced to the world...

Moto E13: Motorola Releases a Pocket-friendly Smartphone in India

INDIA: Motorola started selling the entry-level smartphone, Moto E13, earlier this month after its release in India. The phone, which has an octa-core UNISOC...

The Motorola E13 to Officially Launch on February 8

INDIA: The affordable smartphone portfolio from Motorola, which is owned by Lenovo, is about to grow in India. According to Motorola, the Moto E13...

Motorola’s Latest Smartphone Will Go on Sale on December 15

INDIA: Motorola has finally confirmed that the Moto X40 will be available for purchase on December 15 after numerous teasers and leaks. Motorola has reportedly...

Motorola G62 To Launch in India

INDIA: A new Motorola G series smartphone will soon be available in India. Motorola has now confirmed that the Moto G62 will also launch...

Martin Cooper Urges to Reduce Dependency Over the Phone

UNITED STATES: The man who originated the first-ever cell phone, Martin Cooper, urged smartphone users to "get a life" and reduce dependency on their...

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