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Tanzanian Leader Aiming To Revive Tea And Timber Factories In Iringa

Tanzanian opposition leader focused on reforming the tax regimen in Iringa

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Job Wanyonyi
Job Wanyonyi
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TANZANIA. Iringa. Tanzanian opposition leader and aspiring president, Mr Tundu Lissu, has promised to uplift the economic condition of Iringa and Tanzania.Mr. Lissu was speaking during a campaign rally in Mbarali in Mbeya region. While addressing his supporters, Lissu said that Iringa’s economy is highly dependent on the tea and timber which is produced there.

During his campaigns in Iringa, he urged his supporters to elect him as their president. He also wants the people of Iringa to get benefitted by the production of tea and timber in his reign.

Future plans of Lissu’s political party for Iringa

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Lissu is a part of “Chama Cha Demokrasia” (CHADEMA) political party in Iringa. Recently during a political campaign, he said that his party will come up with laws for the welfare of the citizens. These laws will allow all citizens to possess resources from their regions in order to boost their living standard. In this way, the citizens will get direct benefits from the production of tea and timber. According to the laws, the revenue that will be collected from the tea and timber products will not be taken by the government. His administration is planning to reform the tax and tariff system. They want to make it more farmer-friendly and remove all restrictions that limit the farmers to access the global market.

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Lissu believes that Iringa province has been left behind in the development process. However, he thinks that necessary efforts should be taken to develop Iringa as it is a leading province for providing tea and timber. The political party CHADEMA is aiming to construct a new constitution for the people in Tanzania. The party will ensure that there is an equal distribution of resources among the citizens in Tanzania.

Mr Tundu Lissu opposition leader of Tanzania. / Photo Credit: Google Images

The election campaigns in Tanzania

The elections in Tanzania will be held on Wednesday 28th October 2020. Lissu will be contesting against Dr John Pombe Magufuli, who is seeking to be re-elected for his second term as a president. Tanzanian constitution allows a president to lead for only two terms. Lissu has been a great critic of president Pombe Magufuli for his leadership since the beginning. He claims that the president has been using police officers to mistreat the opposition leaders.

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Magufuli has been in the news many times due to his way of handling political issues. He was also highly criticized by several global leaders for the handling of COVID 19 cases in his country. Many nations across the globe chose to impose lockdowns in order to combat the pandemic. However, Magufuli decided to handle this major issue in a whole different way. He refused to have a lockdown in his country. Instead, of that, he just asked the entire nation to pray for the country.

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