Two Found Dead As Medicane Ianos Hit Greece

Medicane Ionas has caused road closures and electricity blackout in Greece

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GREECE. Many areas of Greece were hit by the Medicane Ianos hurricane on Friday. Mediterranean tropical cyclones are called as Medicanes. Medicanes are quite similar to hurricanes and typhoons. However, the direction of medicanes and hurricanes are quite different from each other. Medicanes are formed in cooler waters and they move from west to east direction. On the other hand, hurricanes move from east to west direction.

The effect of Medicane on Greece

The Medicane has affected many regions in Greece and caused flooding as well as electricity outages. Two people are believed to have died and one has been reported missing. The two victims were an elderly woman and a 63-year-old shepherd. Both of them were found dead and their bodies were seen floating on the flooded water.

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The Sea islands of Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Ithaca were all badly affected by the hurricane. The wind speed was reaching 100km per hour (62 miles per hour). Many buildings were damaged, trees were uprooted and thousands were left without power in the western coast of Greece.

Now, the hurricane is expected to track southeast bringing heavy rainfall and high winds there. However, it is expected that Athens will remain unaffected.

Past natural disasters in Greece

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Tropical storms are usually very rare and often not that dangerous. But, they are most likely to increase due to other extreme weather conditions. The experts have warned that the government may have to declare a climate emergency.

Widespread rains of 6-10 inches are possible over the next 48 hours. But, some local areas in Greece may have to deal with heavier rainfalls. Previously, Greece was hit by a similar storm in 2018. Also in the year 2019, flash floods left 25 people dead and many people were homeless in the western part of Athens. Torrential rains were the main reason behind landslides and floods in Greece. Many of the victims were elderly people whose body was found floating inside their houses.

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Government officials have warned the people to stay at their homes. Medicane Ianos is believed to be the strongest medicanes on record.

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