U.S. Government To Limit The Stay Of Chinese Journalists To 90 days

The U.S. considers restricting the stay of Chinese journalists for 90 days

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Ishita Chakraborty
Ishita Chakraborty
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UNITED STATES. The U.S. government is planning to restrict the stay of Chinese journalists in the U.S. to a period of 90 days. This proposal of the Department of Homeland Security is a part of the fixed time limit on visas of students, researchers and foreign journalists in the U.S.

Limitations for foreign journalists in the U.S.

The time limit for foreign journalists has been restricted to 240 days. However, as per the federal notification issued on Friday, the journalists from China will get an I-visa for just 90 days.

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The stakeholders will have 30 days to respond to the federal notification before it is enforced. According to the notification, the foreign nationals travelling on a passport issued by China or Hong Kong will get I-visa.

The activities and assignments of the journalists are required to be completed within 90 days. However, the passport holders from the Macau Special Administrative Region have been given an exception.

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The foreign journalists will not be allowed to stay in the country after the expiration of their I-visa. However, journalists can apply for the extension of their visa. The journalists will have to leave the country immediately in case the extension application is denied.

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The State Department of the U.S. had previously asked the news media outlets to reduce their staff members. The Chinese news media outlets were asked to reduce their total staff of 160 people to 100.

The U.S. had included four top Chinese media houses in the Foreign Mission Act in June. According to the act, the media houses working in a foreign country are substantially owned or controlled by a foreign government.

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