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UN Declares 18 Sept Equal Pay Day In An Important Step Toward Gender Equality In The Workplace

Women earn an average of 84 cents per every dollar men earn

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UNITED NATIONS. The world is observing its first-ever international Equal Pay Day this year on 18 September. The purpose behind recognizing the worldwide Equal Pay Day is to highlight the importance of obtaining equal pay for work of equal value for all. The resolution announcing 18 September as the international Equal Pay Day was adopted at the 74th Session of the UN General Assembly on 15 November 2019.

The gender pay gap

According to UN Women, around 49 percent of the world’s working-age women are in the labor force, compared to over 75 percent of working-age men. Pathetically, globally women earn 16 percent less than men, indicating that women earn an average of 84 cents per every dollar men earn. The gender pay gap is wider for women of color, immigrant women, and women with children.

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As per a recent tweet by UN Women, the annual pay and bonuses of 1 football player are approximately double the combined annual salary of 1,693 women football players.

A step toward gender equality

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The United Nations has taken a step toward gender equality, committing to honor one of its 17 Sustainable Development Goals. “Equal pay is essential not only for women, but to build a world of dignity and justice for all,” tweeted António Guterres, the ninth Secretary-General of United Nations.

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