US President To Ban Tiktok Unless An American Company Takes Control

ByteDance will not have an ownership stake in the new Tiktok deal with the US

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UNITED STATES. United States (US) President, Donald Trump has threatened to ban the popular Chinese video-sharing app Tiktok in his country. Tiktok is owned by China’s ByteDance company. The US government has made a deal of linking an American company with Tiktok.

China has set a tentative deal with two American companies Walmart and Oracle. One of these company will take control of Tiktok’s operations in the US. However, if the deal fails to work, then Trump will permanently ban the use of Tiktok in the US.

The deal with China and Tiktok ban

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Tiktok has around 100 million users in the US. In an open statement, Trump claimed that the app gives China access to the personal data of Americans. His statement came a day after the US government announced a possible deal of Oracle and Walmart with Tiktok.

In an open statement, Trump said that he had given a preliminary okay to the deal and he wants the two companies to take the final decision. He further added that it is important for everyone to have total security of their data. House Minority Leader of US, Kevin McCarthy appreciated Trump for his move on TikTok.

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Further, Tiktok will give USD 5 billion to fund the education of American youths. The proposed deal of Tiktok with Oracle and Walmart will pave the way to the creation of a new American company. This company will be incorporated in Texas and around 25,000 new jobs will be made available to the citizens.

The US issued orders last week to ban popular Chinese social media apps. Tiktok and WeChat were also included in the list. This step was taken to protect the personal data of American people. The ban on downloading Tiktok was originally scheduled to take effect on September 20. However, it was postponed to September 27.

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President Trump signed an executive order last month to ban Tiktok and WeChat in the US by September 15. Tiktok made its debut in the US in 2018. It has traffic of more than 100 million users per month from America only.

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