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11th Generation Amazon Kindle Launches in India

The latest e-Book reader from Amazon boasts a USB Type-C charging port

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
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INDIA: The Amazon Kindle (11th Generation) has been released in India by the e-commerce website Amazon. 

The most recent Kindle has a display that is 6 inches wide and a pixel density of 300 PPI. The price of an Amazon Kindle (11th Gen) in India is Rs 9,999; however, the company offers the device at an initial discount of Rs 8,999.

The new model will have a better display and more storage space. Amazon asserts that this is the smallest and lightest Kindle ever shipped.

The Amazon Kindle (11th Gen) is available in black and denim. Potential customers can purchase the device from Amazon India’s official website.

The display on the Amazon Kindle measures 6 inches and has a pixel density of 300 PPI. The package includes other features like dark mode and adjustable screen brightness.

According to the company, the glare-free display has three times as many pixels as the previous e-reader model.

The older model only offered an 8 GB storage option, whereas the newer model has 16 GB of built-in storage.

Additionally, the company asserts that Amazon’s e-reader devices support multiple file extensions, such as AZW, EPUB, HTML, MOBI, PDF, RTF, and TXT, along with Amazon Audible audio content.

The Kindle also comes with parental controls but doesn’t have a waterproof rating, a light that automatically adjusts, and more.

The new Kindle, according to Amazon, is made up of 90% recycled magnesium. The battery can last for up to six weeks on a single charge. The brand claims that it has simplified the setup procedure.

The brand sells custom-designed cloth covers in black, rose, denim, and dark emerald for the Kindle. Customers can purchase these for Rs. 17,999.

In addition to all of these features, the e-book reader also includes a USB-C charging port.

To top it all off, Amazon claims that the Amazon Kindle (11th Gen) box is entirely made of wood fibres.

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